going cozy
almost to the finish line

stopping to take a look around

in my last post, i quoted ferris bueller telling us to stop and look around at life.

this morning, elizabeth and i did just that.

we were in the car on the way to school, and as we came around a curve we saw the loveliest sky, with puffy clouds all lit up with the rising sun, and opposite them, a bright corona gilding the top edge of a bank of clouds. we looked at each other and smiled and said, "good clouds!" she tried to take a photo through the windshield, but i told her that would never do, pulled over, and opened the sun roof for her.


and in that moment, i didn't care about the schedule, i didn't care about traffic getting slower with each moment i delayed getting us to the highway, i didn't care whether we pulled into the parking lot five minutes after the bell. i wanted this moment with her, capturing the perfect sunrise on a gorgeous september day.

sometimes a beautiful sky means more than staying on schedule.

we listened to ferris, and we grabbed that fleeting moment of 7:22 a.m.

and it was good.



Sue Blott

Oh what a lovely post. And I love that your photo is of Elizabeth taking the photo! Priceless! A great reminder, especially the precise moment. Thank you! And what a beautiful car and dress! <3


Aaaah reading this makes me feel so happy. Thank you.

Angela F

Good on you! It's good to slow down and take a moment to really appreciate the simple things in life. xoxo

Susan Renshaw

Brilliant - this is exactly what my daughter and I would do...


This photo you snapped of your daughter is precious! I am glad you both took the time to stop and enjoy the moment.


Absolutely beautiful. And now I need to watch the movie.


Who knew that we'd be taking life tips from Ferris all these years later LOL
Great photo!!
And great advice, we don't take enough time to enjoy the moment because
life around us insists on the go-go-go mentality.
I'm glad you and your daughter got to share that moment.


love your photo of your friend taking a photo of the clouds, that looks so cool and spontaneous. Happy Blogging! Elle/EOTC xx

Gina Maloney

What a perfect day!

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