a very selfish challenge
the art of lighting the match


does anyone else feel like september 1 is the real start of the new year? summer is over, kids go back to school, time to dig into a new planner or calendar, start a new routine? the gardens are about to go to sleep, the leaves about to drop, everything is heading into the reset period, yourself included?

just me?

right now my anxiety level is so freaking high that it feels like there is constantly a weight on my chest. meditating first thing in the morning - and slathering on cbd lotion while getting ready for the day - do help, but until this country gets its shit together, i'm going to feel on the constant edge of a panic attack.

it's been five years; i'm used to it, at this point.

but looking at this season as one of a fresh start, of throwing out the oppressiveness of summer and heading into cooler, better, quieter, slower, brings me a sense of - not peace, but stillness, maybe. simplicity, for sure.

i spent some time today scrolling through my recent saved items on pinterest, and felt a calming come over me. yes, my husband is still covid-working from home, but he's in the basement and doesn't bother me. with elizabeth finally back in school, i feel like the house is almost mine again during the day, and that helps with my sense of exhalation. whereas spring cleaning is about airing out everything after a long winter of being shut-in, fall brings a sense of opening up to those last days of cool air, a crispness that brings a sense of light and cozy with it.

and i'm ready to run with it. come with me?

i love everything leanne ford touches ...




literally this entire house ...





which reminds me how much i want a william morris print ...




because i love all things william morris ...



|source invalid|


and desperately want an old house full of it, but probably have to wait until my husband leaves me for a cement-and-glass box of a house.

this little guy truly needs to come live on one of my bookshelves ...





this bedroom is giving me serious fall vibes ...



|no source listed|


and i think i may have to bake this weekend ...





this shaker rail has prompted me to start thinking about the basement guest room ...





as did this room ...



|no source listed|


 i love cafe au lait dahlias ...





and this simple collection of pumpkins ...





and while i don't mind - and haven't, really, minded - being home, i would 1000% like to go here for a slow afternoon of wine and hors d'oeuvres  ...





and that's where i am today.

what do you love right now? and does september feel like a fresh start to you, too, as it does me?



You and I share the "new year" feel of September. All those photos are just *chef's kiss*. Love that aesthetic!

Donna Holmes

I too love September, here in the UK its the end of summer, often we get a heatwave (its been gloomy the last few days but due to start heating up next week when kids return to school)
I love that the season is changing, its getting crisper and cooler mornings and the evenings are drawing in, i can "officially" wrap up and ask for the heating on, i can wear fluffy socks and wrap a blanket around me on the sofa. i love the change of the leaves as everything starts to hunker down. I love that the kids return to school next week and i can clean the house again even if hubby is still WFH. And this September i love that I am going to school too. I start art college next week for a 1 day a week year long course.

Angela F

I'd love to learn to meditate, to switch the brain off would be great!
Loved scrolling through all your photo's there, very light and dreaming of nice clean neat organised house - another thing I dream of.


September is pre-fall. The transition month. Full of halves. Half blistering hot and humid days, cooler nights, half promises of autumn on the shorter evenings and the softer sun. 💜


I'm with you on feeling like September 1 is a new year, new start time. I love this time of year! I'm ready to start all the things! I really enjoyed all the photos, too. So much inspiration there!

Valerie Stranathan

I didn't know you were a William Morris fan, too!! I love the fabrics. There's a lady I follow that makes knitting bags out of them and they are absolutely divine.

And that mouse light would go great with my other brass mouse on my shelves already.

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