the big year
stopping to take a look around

going cozy



this is where we are now. all of the stress of 2020, with all of the acquiescence and zero effs left of 2021. we just made it through the hottest summer on record, the worst wildfire season (which is still happening), hurricane season is upon us, my area is still in drought, all the lingering and growing political garbage from the right, and the pandemic has morphed into some crazy variant that has seemingly rebooted everything and yet people seem to care even less.

i'm tired. are you tired?

so let's embrace all that sucks, wrap it up in a soft blanket, give it a warm beverage, and head into fall with one eye on finding some peace in all of this, and the other on not letting the assholes win.

how am i cozying right now?

one, i just bought a dress/nightgown/piece of heaven that has pockets. POCKETS, i said. and it is my new favorite thing in the world.



two, i've started to bring out autumn colors around the house. this is one of the happiest things i do in the fall. when the sun is lower, the afternoon glow is deeper, and the reds from the trees outside reflect on the warmer colors in the house, it all just feels like a big hug.




three, this coffee. it's fantastic. and so fall-cozy.



four, pulling out these blankets around the house. we've been selling them for a few years, importing them from ecuador from marc's brother, whose ministry we are helping support with the sales. they are literally our favorite blankets in the house, especially this time of year.



five, a new pair of haflinger slippers. i buy a pair every two or three septembers ... my own little "back to school" shopping treat. i wear these babies from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. every day, unless i leave the house. they are so comfortable and supportive (especially great if you have bad feet, like i do), and i'm eager to get my hands on some new ones. i literally wear them into the ground before replacing them, and it's well past time.


six, new candles. my perennial favorites:

sweet vanilla cinnamon

moso bamboo

amalfi jasmine

fir & suede


what are you doing to cozy up and shut out the world?




Carmelita Young

I love how you are incorporating cozy right now. I need some autumn pillows and some blankets. I like to decorate for Halloween to bring my cozy on. But it is so stinkin hot right now. I think we could be friends in real life...we would have a lot to talk about.

I also do not understand how we have a deadlier version of the virus running rampant and some people act like nothing is going on.


You have inspired me to cast a steely eye at my space and cozy it up. Thank you. <3

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