the most wonderful time of the year is here!
taking a day


happy art-urday! it's a new thing. i just invented it. (i think ... maybe i should have googled before typing that.)

i hope you were able to have some time to get your fingers dirty or painty or markery or gluey or whatever your medium. it's good for the soul and the brain, isn't it?

today didn't start as art-urday. i woke, had my coffee, watched some tv, snuggled the cat. around 10 a.m., marc and i went to the farmer's market to get some tomatoes, and we discovered that it was simultanously our town's annual art walk a few blocks off from downtown, where the market tents were set up. the art walk is usually in october, when the leaves are golden and the walk down pleasant street (seriously ... that's it's name) feels like a fairy tale. we wandered through all the booths and talked to a number of artisans, saw and hugged our son's former girlfriend at her booth, and then headed for home.

as i started a pot of beef and mushroom stew, inspired by the wild mushrooms we bought from the mushroom lady at the market, i started to get the itch to create art. seeing all the work on pleasant street inspired me ... it wasn't all great, but it was all made with love and passion. i get too scared of not creating "the right way" or "something worthy" and just ... don't create. but today i felt ready.

we have a framed print in the bookshelves by our fireplace, and it's very spring/summer in color. i decided we needed a more autumnal piece, and pulled out my watercolors.

and it felt scary. and stressful. but then i got over that, and just painted.





i was thinking of a wide open meadow, with a moody autumn sky and bright colors on the distant woods, as viewed through a tilt shift camera, so only the woods were in focus.

it's been a long time since i've held a paintbrush with intention. and you know what? my picture isn't perfect, it isn't great, but it made me happy.

go make yourself happy by doing some art.

happy art-urday!



It's absolutely beautiful! Glad you enjoyed your Art-urday and cuddled the cat too. Happy Blogging! Elle/EOTC xx

Lisa Andruszkow

I haven't been to a farmer's market this year or any of the art festivals. Makes me sad, but I can always hope next year will be better and safer.
I'm jealous that you have a mushroom lady!! :D I love mushrooms!! I bet that stew was delicious.
And I just love your painting. I admire people that can watercolor paint.
Me, I just make muddy water lol. But I'm willing to learn. I think I would rather do abstract type stuff
with watercolor though.
Happy art-urday ❤

Sue Blott

Your painting is lovely and serene. It creates a relaxing feeling of space and expanse and i love how you tucked behind things like that, kind of peeking out. I didn't have an arturday today but Monday seems like it can easily become arturday instead. I'm so happy you painted and hung it up! <3


Hi !! I think your art is lovely, it's a bit hidden there. If I had made that I would display it proudly on a wall at open view. You should definitely continue painting if it makes you happy because on top of that you seem to have a good hand for it.

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