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the most wonderful time of the year is here!

almost to the finish line

let me tell you about this little bathroom:

when we built 10 years ago, we were exhausted and over budget by the time we got to the bathrooms in the basement and off the mudroom, so we went as cheap and standard as possible. the only things i requested were specific tile in each shower because that would be more expensive to change later, and specific finishes on each vanity - again, something i didn't want to mess with later.

the mudroom bathroom is our most used, it's the one every person who comes to our house sees, and it was the least interesting room in the house. for years i've wanted to give it a makeover, and now we finally have.


i've known for seven years that this room needed different lights and plumbing fixtures; i wasn't thrilled with the modern edge of either since our house was trying to walk the line between vintage and farmhouse. the room was also screaming for wallpaper, as nearly all small bathrooms are, and i was pretty sure the wallpaper needed to be black. for the longest time i was determined to get nina campbell's perroquet ...


but at the end of the day, it was way out of budget and i needed to make a more realistic choice. i explored some other options and found a pretty plaid one and a floral, both from york.


the concensus in my house was the floral, but i had to cool my heels as i figured out everything else i wanted to change in the room (because obviously the project would snowball out from wallpaper), and we had to grow the bathroom fund to cover it all.

well, in the past couple of months we finally made it happen. i scheduled a wallpaper hanger, then changed my mind about the wallpaper at literally the last possible minute, when i talked myself into getting the one i really wanted - hydrangeas, from rifle paper co, which was more than the floral, less than the parakeets, but also i loved it more and decided if we're doing this, we're going to do it right. the wallpaper hanger was here in august, all the extras were ordered, the plumber put in all the new fixtures a couple of weeks ago, and today the lights came.

sneak peek ... because i need to put up some art and give the room a good clean before i take pix with the real camera. and i'm not being hyperbolic when i say this might be my favorite room in the whole house now. quite the upgrade from Most Boring Room In The House.





and let me just say that it's okay to live in a house for awhile before you get it right. budgets take time, collecting things takes time, figuring out what the house wants takes time. in the end, it's worth it to wait for what you want than to waste money on "good enough," because "good enough" is rarely good enough, know what i mean?


Lisa Andruszkow

That paper is super cute!!
From the photos you shared so far, I think it looks great!!

Sometimes it's hard to wait to do all the things. But it's also worth
it to get what you want.

Angela F

I see you managed to get some plaid in their - great room.

Susan Renshaw

I think it is looking brilliant!
We are at the start of our house build...we are at the design stage still. But you know how it is when everything costs more that you expect...


wow that looks wonderful! youve done an amazing job so far. Weve been in our house nearly 4 years and still havent decorated the lounge / diner area. Its always the rooms used the most we leave and leave and leave..!


I really LIKE your room. The wall paper showing in the mirror is a nice picture and so are you in the mirror.

Yes is is a good idea to wait awhile to see, sense and feel what you really like and you did! It's awesome.


What a beautiful space you turned it into!


Wow. That wallpaper is gorgeous! Bathroom remodels are awesome because they go so fast and then it's just so nice to use the new bathroom! :)

Sue Blott

Love your wallpaper choice! Stunning yet cosy. In fact the whole room, as far as you've gotten, looks inviting! I'm glad you're pleased with it, too.

Gina Maloney

Completely awesome reno! We did our kitchen in our old house and it was perfect when we did it - same reason - we waited for the Right time and for things to be Exactly as we wanted. GREAT look!!


Gorgeous! And I was coming on to say the same thing as someone above... love that you still got in a little plaid (but TOTALLY agree that the floral walls were the way to go)!

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