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omg i made a scrapbook

okay - now, before you get all excited, it's a scrapbook, but not in the "i used papers and embellishments and artistic freedom" sort of way. but i DID make a book.

and let me tell you: it felt really good.

today doesn't feel quite as great, since i was up until 2 a.m. working and listening to the "modern love" podcast. i'm getting too old for that. yesterday was like old times, though, when i was on deadline for my book, and the only time i had to work was after the kids went to bed. except today i was up at 8 a.m. when the cat stretched against me, not 6 a.m., when harper was "all done dark," as she used to say, and i had to drive henry to school.

the process i used for this book was WAY easier, too, than the fully tactile style of crafting. i used a 6x8" digital album template set and some printable travel cards from ali edwards and a few tags from jen hadfield's chasing adventure line. that was it.

streamlined, baby.

another thing that made this project easy is that i had already blogged about the trip, the photos were already edited, and the journaling was written. super easy peasy.
















i will definitely use digital templates again for single subject books. it made the process so smooth and fast, and the finished product looks like it took way more work than it did. it was really nice to see a project come together without taking days and days of work and mess. hybrid crafting is the way to go!



Beautiful! I love how the digital templates turned out!

Angela Fretwell

Wow, great album and looked like an awesome time!


This is awesome! Looks like you had a great time!

Helen Patrice

That's really lovely. I wish I had an artist's eye for arrangement and detail.

Cheryl Turtlemoon

Your scrapbook looks great! It looks clear and fun to read. It’s great to have a keepsake of your trip!


This is gorgeous. I am inspired!

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