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i fell off the blogging wagon. it was meant to happen at some point.

not quite sure where the last six days have gone, but it feels like a blur. i haven't been crafty or creative, no big thoughts in my head ... i did ignore life to read a book in one day, and that felt delicious. henry has called a few times just to chat, which is always a joy. i'm back in physical therapy for a 30-year-old shoulder injury from my swimming days; that's fun.

but really, not much to talk about.

however, my brain has been drifting often, lately, to the What Comes Next dreaming. the bucket list, if you will. i may as well put that list here, for accountability and motivation ... and something to write about, when nothing else of interest comes to mind.

in no particular order ... here we go:

1. live abroad


after obsessively bingeing "mediterranean life" and devouring "stanley tucci searching for italy," i have decided that i absolutely HAVE to live abroad at some point, for at least a year. and it needs to be in a place with a slow pace of life, fantastic views and places to explore, simple and fresh foods. and serious bonus points if an ocean view and bougainvillea are involved. i'm leaning hard toward andalucia, spain.


2. see everything


one benefit of living abroad for at least a year, especially if we're somewhere in europe, is the ease of travel around that part of the world. i want to see it all, but REALLY see it. not just the touristy highlights, but the small towns, the little fishing villages, that tucked away spot with the best food, the most gorgeous view that no one knows about except the locals.

we also have a dream plan to live in a place for a month, once a year. try on new parts of the country and world, one month a year at a time, until we feel like we either have it out of our system, or find where we want to land permanently. currently, my short-list includes seattle, nantucket, maine, tulum, cornwall. pretty sure marc's list would include mountains, deserts, and ultra-modern glass and cement boxes in the woods. (the idea for short-term living came about because we obviously can't agree on where we would like to spend our retirement years. i am very much a new england girl, and marc is ... not. so, short term places or we go our separate ways.)


3. write a book

i've started and abandoned so many projects. one needs to be given the life it deserves and brought to completion.


4. learn another language


see numbers one and two. learning spanish makes the most sense, but marc speaks spanish. i feel like i should cover italian, just in case. i started duolingo a month ago and can tell you that a boy ate an apple. i have a ways to go.


5. learn to sail


i just want to. my goal is to end up on water at some point before i'm dead, and i'd love to be able to take a little boat out for a sail.


6. learn to play the guitar


7. learn to bake breads from scratch and make homemade pastas


8. live with intention

slow down. simplify. have and do less. quality over quantity. less multi-tasking, more focus.


9. have a meal at the lost kitchen


since first learning of this place a few years ago, i've become obsessed with entering the lottery to get a seat, then taking a spur-of-the-moment trip to maine for a meal. it will likely have to wait another two years, until elizabeth is out of the house. i'll pass the time with erin french's books.


10. find my purpose

we all want that out of life, though, right?




I love your bucket list! I once dreamt of living abroad, even to become an expat. I'm not sure that dream is totally gone, I just don't know if I can ever or would ever have the opportunity.
Write a book. Yep, me too. And to find my purpose. As well as live intentionally.
I've wanted to learn Polish. It's the language of my heritage. I know bits of Spanish.
The basics of hello/goodbye, a few phrases, and I know how to ask where the restroom is LOL. I think
that is very important to know😁 !!

Deb M

that is a yummy bucket list!
may you be on your way!


After much discussion my wife and I have decided we’d like to retire to Italy. We will come by Spain for a visit.


Curious what book you read!

I still have one teenager at home but once has established I am hoping to live abroad as well. I've been to italy once and desperately want to go back!


What a lovely list! Maybe you needed that six days away to open the way for the dreams.

Angela Fretwell

Great list - and yes I think we all crave for that one purpose in our lives....still looking for mine.


What a great bucket list! I want to write a book too!


I love your bucket list and I hope you are able to fulfill all of it!


Such a fantastic list. Small town recommend for a gorgeous visit in Italy is San Gimignano, an amazing hill town in Tuscany. Food, views, history, gelato and signature white wine to die for. It’s funny my husband and I are a little freaked about figuring out where to live after retirement. What if hate our chosen destination after a year or so. I love your ‘test it out’ idea. I am trying to learn Spanish and Italian and my local library just started offering the Rosetta Stone service for free. So stoked about that.


The Lost Kitchen!! How did I not know about this?!?!


I love your list. And I can tell you that Andalucia is amazing! You should also consider Portugal, we keep hearing really good things about it. Of course you will come to France for one of those months right? :) And you can be sure we will visit you wherever you end up!

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