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april 1

i'm back. and no, this isn't an april fool's joke. i could understand your skepticism, though.

last weekend, marc and i were discussing the ongoing streamlining, purging, simplifying we have going on around here, and i mentioned that i'm going to let the blog go. pull off things i want to keep, set the rest free. then a friend from my former life in the scrapbooking world mentioned an april challenge on facebook - a daily blog share of artful living - and it got me to thinking: i'd been planning to focus selfishly on my own time and needs and wellness in april, and participating in this challenge would both hold me accountable to that plan and hold me accountable to including creativity in that plan.

win/win/win. win.

i've been babystepping back into creativity during this Pandemic Season ... kept a scrapbook all of last year to document our lives during the dumpster fire that was 2020, and then decided to keep it up in 2021. i also started a small scrapbook in january of my quest to re-center my thoughts and actions on me for the first time in, well, more than 20 years. i have these little projects that i update on a weekly basis, and it has helped stretch those muscles and dust off the skills. during april, though, i hope to add in more creative outlets and learning.



i received watercolors for christmas, took a three-hour online class in january, then ... nothing. haven't touched them since, though i truly want to get back into painting. and i miss scrapbooking; harper will be a senior in the very near future, yet i haven't really gotten back into keeping up with story telling since we packed up our last house to move more than 10 years ago. when she was six. i am so, so sorry, kiddo. for awhile, i was in an online writing group, doing writing exercises and working on my own projects, but ... nope. those have been abandoned, too.

i am in the process of giving the guest room a glow up; does that count?



but even that is on hold until the remaining things arrive. which means that project, too, will be temporarily abandoned, and with it, the creative spark that got me going on it in the first place.

but this challenge: let's see if i can do it. let's see if i can follow through and take that time daily to focus on something other than "what do we need from the grocery?" ... "what am i making for every meal today?" ... "why are there always dishes to wash?" ... "what is this crushing sense of ennui that presses into me, every minute of every day?"

30 days. i can do 30 days. right?




Yes you can ❤️


Yes, you can do it! I used to do scrapbooks as well. It was when I discovered that I might have some creativity in me after all! Then I stumbled into Lifebook which led to me to Effy and here we are. Looking forward to reading more!

Christa Forrest

Yes you can - You can do this for 30 days!!!!!


You can totally do it. <3 And yanno? I think wondering what to have for dinner and what this ennui is all about is valid blog fodder.


One day at a time, love. That's how I'm treating it. it takes courage to step into this challenge. *nods head in recognition*


You can do it!

Samm Starrs

You can do it! You can do it!!

Leslie Didier-Paquin

Oh yes you can! I'm not sure what it is when we let our passions fall by the way side to care for others and their needs but I do know, at least for me, when I relearn how to prioritize some "me" time, all of those other pressing needs still get resolved. I'm looking forward to hearing more.


You can definitely do it. So can I. I have been trying to get back into scrapbooking for a couple years now, I'm happy to see that you have been able to document the pandemic!

I have fallen down the rabbit hole of Watercolour and art in general. I am looking forward to seeing your pieces, so pick those brushes back up! ❤️

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