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see you later, snowflake

christmas has come and gone, and with it, so too has snowflake.

our last 10 days with her and gray kitty looked a little like this:

day 16: snowflake and gray kitty were simply hanging out on a wreath at the bottom of the stairs. still, it took harper a bit of looking to find them. sometimes the most obvious is the least obvious, or something like that ...





day 17: snowflake and gray kitty were battling each other in a heated game of "guess who" in the basement.




day 18: they decided to hang out on the silver bells that adorned the banister. glad they didn't swing on them ... that would have been a little noisy.




day 19: a warm, snuggly hiding place.




day 20: time for snowflake and gray kitty to get fancied up and decorate the barbie tree.




day 21: somehow harper missed this on her dresser first thing in the morning, but snowflake and gray kitty left her a little impression of themselves.




day 22: they were there first thing in the morning, to greet harper when she went to brush her teeth.




day 23: snowflake and gray kitty ambitiously spelled out a message for us on the day before the day before christmas.




day 24: snowflake kept her tradition of bringing harper's christmas jammies on christmas eve. this year, she had a pair for wyatt and nora, too.





day 25: christmas morning, snowflake was gone, but she left a message - and photographic evidence - for harper that she enjoyed the cookie harp decorated and left for santa.




another christmas done. another year with snowflake over. and who knows what the next year will bring, but at least we know that no matter what, snowflake will come for a visit, and will bring christmas joy and magic with her.


snowflake, week two

it's about to get really snowy and really REALLY cold around here in the next 24-72 hours. snowflake may want to just hang out at our place for the weekend and skip the trip back up north.

i'll have harp mention that to her ...

in the meantime, here's a look at snowflake and gray kitty's second week of visiting us:

day 9: who doesn't love to build a blanket fort, grab some snacks, and spend the day snuggled up and reading? apparently, north pole elves feel the same way.




day 10: snowflake and gray kitty gathered up some friends for a little photo op ...




day 11: snowflake won a major award!



day 12: apparently, we have a musical elf ...



day 13: harper loves to sew clothes for her menagerie of teeny tiny animals. apparently, snowflake wanted to include her own garment into teeny tiny animal couture.



day 14: nothing like finding an elf and a cat in your fridge to get your heart pumping at 6 a.m.




day 15: and today, snowflake must have heard about the impending weather, because she and gray kitty are all set with popcorn and christmas movies, and look perfectly content to sit tight. truth be told, i'd really like to join them.





our first week with snowflake

it's december. the year is winding down (which ... how?? already??), and the start of this month brings the high school swim season, dodgy weather, marc's busy season (well, busier than normal.), the holidays, and snowflake.

hey there, snowflake.

harper and i both searched her room the night before december 1, trying to find gray kitty, but we just couldn't find her. harp was philosophical: "maybe snowflake knows where gray kitty is" ... "maybe gray kitty went to visit the north pole and will come back with snowflake" ... etc.

she hoped for the best, and laid out a nice warm bed, a cup of water, and a nightlight to greet her elf. and in the morning, not only was snowflake tucked into her blankets, but so was gray kitty.




and so begins our visit with snowflake.

day 2: snowflake needed a sugar recharge from her long journey. lucky for her, our halloween candy was still in a bowl in the entryway. in the morning, harper found her and gray kitty hiding among the candlesticks, with a little pile of candy wrappers around them.




day 3: harp woke up to find snowflake and gray kitty had done a little overnight christmas decorating in the bathroom. (we've decided to leave up the lights, and perhaps make them a yearly thing; that pink glow is pretty cheerful.)




day 4: snowflake earned her keep by bringing breakfast. that was an appreciated gesture.



day 5: we got the christmas tree up and decorated, but snowflake beat me to putting on the tinsel.




day 6: having missed out on the fun of decorating the tree, snowflake and gray kitty decorated their own tree.




day 7: snowflake and gray kitty looked how i felt yesterday morning.




day 8: apparently, there is a game of hide and seek going on this morning.