51 months in (the christmas edition)
self-imposed break

spring fever

as soon as january comes to a close, i start to get itchy for spring and lightness. specifically, i crave a little pink in my life. not a lot ... there may have been a clause in the marriage contract that read: "no pink; no florals; no excessive girly-ness". but maybe i can manage to put out just enough to give the house a little sweetness.

"pink & girly" don't really describe me, but there are moments when my feminine side wants to come out. i have a small collection of pink depression glass that i've been trying to use for years - this might just be the year. back in college, one of my roommates and i put pink light bulbs in our dorm room, and they were so peaceful and soothing that i wonder if maybe i shouldn't get some for the house. and marc doesn't remember this, but i bought blush pink bedding for our room in our first house. i loved that bedding ... wonder where it is? and pink flowers have always been my favorite. i mean, really: who doesn't love pink flowers?




how lucky that pantone's color of the year is rose quartz! it's a sign: i need more pink!


Pink house



maybe some pink added to the kitchen shelves, pink covers for the throw pillows, art with pink in it for the shelves by the fireplace. i'm planning to order a canvas of this pretty picture to put above the mantle:



and i am loving these pillows:




and these prints are calling to me:





time to pink all the things!!













who's with me?



Oh my gosh, Me!! That art work, especially that first abstract from Minted! All the googly eyes! I think it is just what I need for a spot in my family room. I'm completely twitterpated with it!

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