snowflake, days 12 through 18
51 months in (the christmas edition)

the rest of snowflake's visit

i'll wrap up snowflake's month with us, and then go into christmas in a day or two.

also, i took some updated pix of the house, so that is coming, too! bonus: the house was all christmasy and sparkly at the time.


on day 19, snowflake and gray kitty found a little hiding spot in the kitchen window shade.



day 20: they somehow knew we were going to *finally* see the new star wars movie that night, so harp found them having a light saber duel in the pantry.



day 21: we had a christmas party for marc's co-workers the previous afternoon (before star wars), and there were some leftover veggies. snowflake and gray kitty used them to spell out a morning greeting for harp.



day 22: our visitors from the north made some cute little gingerbread cookies.



day 23: visitors from the south (ie my family, from indiana) arrived the previous evening, and one of the first things wyatt wanted to do was dig into henry's legos. so on wednesday morning, snowflake and gray kitty had gotten pieces of their own and built a little spaceship.


day 24, christmas eve: harper awoke to find the annual present from snowflake under the tree in her room. she ran downstairs and said, "mom! snowflake brought me a present! i know it's my christmas jammies, because that's what she always brings on christmas eve ..." then she trailed off and batted those big browngreen eyes at me. so of course i said, "well, then you better go open it!", and off she went.



day 25, christmas: snowflake was gone. gray kitty was sitting alone on harper's nightstand. but under the christmas tree, there was a present with a tag: to harper, from snowflake. she opened it, and immediately was speechless. then a little teary. then she sat the rest of christmas morning, holding that gift in her lap. and said to me, when all the opening was done, "i should have opened this one last. it's my favorite gift of all of christmas."

what did snowflake leave for harper?


a picture frame, with this photo:


major. win.

though next year, i'm screwed.


thanks for visiting, snowflake! we - and gray kitty - look forward to seeing you next year!


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