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so, mother's day is coming. again. didn't we just have one of those? i mean, seriously ... moms are celebrated all the friggin' time. enough already ... i don't need any more appreciation showered upon me or offers from others to clean the house for a change, or the family giving me quiet time in my own home without interruption or someone needing a ride somewhere. it's too much! show someone else how much you care for a change!

oh, wait ...

so in honor of the imaginary love-and-gratitudefest that motherhood is, i've put together an imaginary list of things i would love to receive for mother's day:



because all good days start with coffee.




because "zen" and "coloring book" in the same sentence is a win.



because i love my purse, but it doesn't close at the top. and every time it falls over, all my stuff falls out. that's getting annoying. and we all know what happens when little annoying things happen throughout mama's day and just keep piling up and piling up ...




because my husband knows my love for jadeite and my obsession with bowls, so this one seems like a no-brainer, right?




because, bill murray.




because it is mother's day, after all.


truth be told, some sweet handmade cards (that were made with a little time and thought, not made in a rush on sunday morning because no one reminded the kids until then that they needed to have a card for me. not that i'm speaking from previous experience or anything.), lunch at a place i want to go to, a walk around the lake, cooperative and happy picture-taking-time of the kids, and a bouquet of pretty flowers (the ones i like, not the ones marc thinks i like because he actually likes them ahemliliesahem) would suffice, as long as everyone is happy and gets along.

and then leaves me alone with a book for the afternoon.

happy mother's day, friends.



Oh my GOD! You just can't even know how I'm laughing here. This is so my life! Also, I hate the lilies and I always get the lilies. They are the kmart of the flower world! I actually had to have Maddie remind Jim last Sunday that this Sunday is Mother's Day. Maddie rocks Mother's Day and makes sure good things happen. That has just started the last few years but I am loving it and there are a whole lot of crappy Mother's Days to make up for.

In other news, I'm ordering that coffee stuff for Jim for Father's Day because I am an awesome wife.

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