it used to be july.
just like that

we didn't kill each other

so, you know how harper pushes my buttons, like, all the dang time? well, last week the boys went fishing with my dad and uncle. near canada. for seven days. no cell service so i couldn't even call and let marc talk me down when harper started in on her button-pushing.

and yet ... we survived.

in fact, we actually had a really good time with each other.

other than the first day, when she was so lost without henry that she didn't quite know what to do with herself, she was happy and busy the whole week: swim lessons twice, piano lesson once, an art camp each afternoon, a sleepover, a play date. and in between, we had fun together, too ... painting at the ceramics place, swimming at the gym, antiquing, a jammies-and-movie afternoon, and so on.

and then the boys came home.

and they were all scruffy and delicious.

and henry immediately jumped on the computer because he was going through serious withdrawal after a whole week of nothing but this:

(excuse me for a second while i totally melt over his little elfy ears getting smooshed down by his hat. he is so four-years-old again in that hat.)

and as soon as he was plugged in, harper immediately got back into whiney, impatient, crabby mode, and normalcy returned.

who would have guessed that she is actually more pleasant and sweet and happy when the boys aren't around? huh.

turns out that the week i was dreading was actually one of the best of the summer. go figure.


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