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dear diary:

why we dig minnesota

(there are many, many reasons, actually ... this just happens to be the most recent.)

we dig minnesota because in the winter, which stretches from october until april or, some years, may, the people of this state still have fun.

like this year: some artist had this idea to build an icicle farm and a framework that incorporates lights and hoses, then harvest the icicles and attach them to the framework, grow more icicles, watch the icicles grow into stalactites and stalagmites from the spray off the hoses, and so on and so forth for a good month or so, and at the end? giant walk-through ice castle - several acres big, 40 feet tall - that looks straight out of hoth. we expected to see poor luke skywalker suspended from the ceiling in every new room we entered.

but we didn't. instead, we just saw something beautiful and interesting.

(yes ... that's the moon. not a space station. sorry ... no more star wars references.)

there were more than 200 "dragon eggs" used throughout the castle: perfectly round and smooth spheres of ice that are set around the grounds - some lit, some not. this particular wall was built from eggs. we ran into the artist who created it, and she said that when she first put up the wall, the spheres were completely clear. but as the weather changed, they changed with it - getting cracked or clouded and becoming more interesting.

harp found this one and decided to "hatch" it.

all of the different ways the icicles formed and changed were amazing. some straight, some twisty, some clear, some draped. since the castle started, our temps have fluctuated from teens to -60 wind chills to the mid-30s with rain, and each type of weather affected the look in its own way.

hard to believe all of this was in a parking lot.

well done, minnesota.




And that my friend, is why when Jim texted me today to tell me about a job opportunity he was presented with at a conference today that happens to be in Minneapolis, I said no thank you sir! But it is beautiful. And I'm sure I would love Spring, Summer and Fall. But much as I love Winter, it is just too wintery there for me!

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