dear diary:


what do you do when you normally spend easter weekend with family, and then suddenly that doesn't happen?

you make last-minute plans for family to come the weekend before easter ... then don't tell the kids ... then let them be super surprised when they get off the bus on friday ... then you celebrate "fauxster" on sunday instead, complete with an egg hunt. of course.

that's what we did last weekend. my parents are usually here for easter and couldn't stand the idea of not seeing the kids until whoknowswhen, so they decided to come up a week earlier than normal. we didn't tell the kids, just in case some wrench got in the works, so there were lots of smiles and hugs on friday after school.

saturday started out as a normal visit - we went to see "the croods", ate some fantastic mexican at rojo - and then harper decided that since we aren't going to get to celebrate easter this year, we'd just make our own. and by golly, there had to be eggs!!

so that's what we did saturday night.

first, i had to run to the store to get eggs. because all of our eggs were organic brown eggs. tough to color.

then we colored those new, white puppies.

as we were finishing up the eggs, marc decided to put on some music. and then astounded my mom by controlling it all on his phone.

that seemed pretty sci-fi to her.

the music started, and we went from the b-52s to regina spektor to skrillex to gangnam style ... and a dance party broke out.

(and i got a chill up my spine when i realized that i could totally see my boy five years from now ... life of the party, dancing it up and being a dorky hottie. *make time stop!!*)

during this time, harper was pouring all of the bowls of color into one and creating a suicide of color for her last egg.

she let it marinate for about an hour as we cleaned everything else up, hoping it would turn out black. it actually came out the most vivid, royal shade of purple. and harp declared it the queen egg.

the kids went to bed, and we told them that no egg hunting would take place before 8:30. the idea of not having to set my alarm for 5:30 a.m. to make sure eggs were hidden before sneaky children could wake and wander filled me with joy.

fauxster might be the best idea ever. there were small baskets of easter candy the next morning, but no stress to come up with something special from the bunny. and the kids - ie harper - were totally okay with that. because they knew it wasn't real easter. and they waited until 8:30 ... actually, we had to wake up henry because he was determined to sleep through the whole thing. i LOVE fauxster.

but up, they did get. and search for those eggs, they did.

harper was especially thrilled to see her queen egg was appropriately dressed:

(albeit sitting in a dish of wine corks.)

the remainder of the day felt like a holiday. the girls baked easter sugar cookies ...

grandpa and henry cracked each other up ...

and marc  napped watched basketball.

we closed out the day with a fancy fauxster dinner of burgers on the grill, and a concert: henry on the trombone, harper on the kazoo.

and that was that. a fauxliday visit that went too quickly. but it was good while it lasted.



That's perfect!It looks like you might have a new tradition.

Last year we celebrated Faux Father's Day because we were in London on the real thing and this year we are celebrating Faux Mother's Day because Emma has a ballet recital on that day. Also her dress rehearsal is on our anniversary so there may have to be a fauxversary too.

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