a new year. (minus 14 days)
my new favorite thing

minor adjustments

soooo ... i haven't totally given up on blogging. almost, but not totally. though you may have given up on me by this point. if so ... well ... bygones. for the past two months, all you've gotten from me are stories about snowflake the elf and ... uh ... maybe just snowflake.

sorry about that.

but other things have been going on. around the house. pretty-type things. and i know you guys like that. like everything else around here, things are only half done at this point, so you don't get the full story yet. but i can tease you.

here i go ... teasing:

i'm terrible, aren't i?

from the sneaky little pix you can probably deduce that: 1) the pillows of amazingness are here and are, actually, amazing; 2) we found lamps for the desk/tables; 3) we figured out the window covering situation in the dining/great room (what you don't see is that we also figured out the kitchen window conundrum, but it's currently being made. i can't tease you with a pic of that.); 4) the cabinet of awesomeness is also here and is mostly awesome (mostly. when it arrived, one door wouldn't open. then marc forced it to work. but now three drawers are tight. they need a date with some sandpaper.); 5) basement curtains and book storage have been procured and built; 6) a "headboard" solution for the basement guest room has also been created; and 7) the laundry room is growing ever more functional.

and that's all i have for you. once i get my booty in gear and make everything look a little prettier, i'll show you official pix taken from the official camera. we also need to have every single curtain hemmed ... we're talking 10 panels, so that will be a bit of a delay. but i'll get back to you.

i promise.

don't leave me. or do. i'm not the boss of you.



How fun! I love the teases but of course can't wait to see more!


Welcome back. :-)

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