what 38 looks like
true story.

it's twins!!

remember a year ago, when marc and i had spring break to ourselves to pack, and we ended up falling head-over-heels for some fancy schmancy couches? couches that totally derailed my plans for white, white, and more white? and then i debated and pro/conned my little brains out for months?

well, in october we decided okay ... we love the couches. even after moving and seeing the finished space we still loved them and knew they were the way we wanted to go.

we went to the store to order them and were told delivery would be right around thanksgiving. we placed the order, and were told no, actually, delivery would be just before christmas. seriously? ugh. two months without furniture. of any kind. a few days later, we received the actual invoice and it said sorry for the delay, but delivery would actually be mid-freaking-january.

i was suddenly really, really irritated with these couches.

nearly four months of living in a house without a lick of furniture on the main floor. (remember: no dining room table, no chairs, nothing in the front room, and the crafty room populated only with boxes.) then, soon after, our island stools arrived. then, a couple of weeks later, our dining room chairs arrived. and we pulled the folding table out of the garage. and it was fancy. then, two months later, the dining room table arrived sans leaves. (jury's still out on whether we're keeping it.) and finally, yesterday, after months of waiting and wondering whether we did the right thing ...


there they were.

and they are amazing.


and i'm so glad we went with the 8' size, because it's perfectly proportioned for the room, and there's still breathing room if we ever want two smaller accent chairs.

and i may have sat on one for about an hour and a half last night, reading magazines and becoming one with their amazingness.


good things do come to those who wait. and now we continue to wait ... for a rug, curtains, a table on which to set my drink ... and the other house to sell so we can get those things.



Oh.my.lord. Those are the most gorgeous twins I've ever seen. They are perfection. Once you have something the wait doesn't seem like it was such a big deal after all, does it? Especially when you get something that gorgeous in exchange. I really, truly love them. Covet them any. I fully expect to sit opposite you with a stack of my own magazines on those sofas someday. Put it on your calendar.

carol in seattle :)

Seriously...those couches are gorgeous! Glad they finally arrived.


i must say that i think they were worth waiting for. they are gorgeous. so perfect. enjoy them :)


They were so worth the wait Michelle. Gorgeous!

Michelle Lanning

oh those are beautiful!!

Danielle Higginbottom-Brown

Fanfreakintabulous!!!! Those couches were well worth the wait! I want to come to your house and sit there and have coffee with you! lol!


Hi Michele,

I just found your blog, and I realize it was a few years ago that you completed your home, but it is BEAUTIFUL!

I see you were considering Old Prarie, November Rain, Classic Gray etc. Which Benjamin Moore Colour did you end up putting on your walls and Trim?

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