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sooo ... remember those couches?

we bit the bullet and ordered them.

they will be here in mid-january.

january. as in ... after thankgsiving, after christmas, after new year's, after my birthday, after next thanksgiving ...

okay, maybe not that bad. but still. we're left with a literally empty first floor for the next two and a half months, and left with nowhere to sit when our families come to visit in the new few weeks and over christmas.

i was talking to my sister last night, lamenting that we'll all have to sit on the floor on christmas morning, and i said, "heck ... might as well put the christmas tree in the middle of the great room. like macy's. or whoville." then i was all, "omgnoway ... we're totally taking a family photo of us standing in a circle around the tree, holding hands, singing, a la the whos in whoville ..."

and she was on board. and that made me feel a little better about having nothing to sit on.

on the topic of having nowhere to sit, though, marc and i started crunching numbers to see whether it would be possible to somewhat populate the front room (the "wii room" in the kids' terminology) and then move that furniture out to the great room for christmas. the wii room has been lower on the priority list, but the wait time for the other couches has changed our priorities a bit.

remember when i played with the front room and came up with this?

i still love the feel of it, but some changes had to be made.

firstly, obviously, we can't have a gray couch in this room because of the gray ones right next door. so this could be the room for my streamlined white couch, mayhaps?

1241-415-SC_HSF_mlove this mitchell gold sasha couch, but there isn't a place to buy mitchell gold in minnesota. (and, seriously, why isn't there?!) so i'm on the hunt for an alternative.

i'm still in love with that anthro rug, so that's got to stay in the running. i have no idea at this point what else will go in the great room with the gray couches, but i can guarantee you that every color combination i've considered is represented in this rug somewhere. i think it's a winner.

now that we've been living in this space for a month, i think the best things to have in the front room wii room are a couch for those playing wii or watching tv, and a reading chair nestled in the corner. just cuz that's where i'd want to sit: at an angle, looking out the window, being with my family but not having to watch whatever it is they're doing on the tv ...

i love this comfy looking maine cottage chair in the sun-colored lucky leaf fabric, and how sweet is the slipcovered ottoman in a bright white linen? both are likely out of the price range for "reading chair," but i love them still.

Mainecotstevie Mainecotgretchen

every good reading nook needs a side table for the wine glass/coffee mug and a spare book, and a good reading lamp. i kinda love this table from uttermost because it would pull in the industrial elements that we have in other parts of the house. and i like this reading lamp from ikea because ... well, because it's cheap.

Uttermostira Ikeabaro

getting to the pretty stuff, i've fallen in love with pillows from etsy seller woody liana. i'm having a hard time picking a favorite, but the ones i used in this set up are the hothouse flowers and betwixt pillows and the christopher farr.

so, this stuff would be on one side of the room and by the windows, but what about the actual tv/wii wall? what will all that techy crap entertainment goodness hide in go on?

this. i want this.

and i will save my pennies for as long as it takes because i love it so, so much and it must belong to me.

it's perfection, isn't it? (please don't think so and please don't run out and buy it.)

i like my little plan. what actually happens and when remains to be seen.

hopefully something will happen soon. the constant echo when i'm working in the kitchen and the kids are talking is about to drive me insane. three lovely rugs arrived today - one for the kitchen, one for the entry, one for my studio - so hopefully they will help dampen the noise. my day has been spent sweeping and dusting and mopping, and right now the floors are gleaming and lovely.

it makes me happy.

and reminds me i need to buy rug pads, because right now those rugs are like greased sleds on a frozen hill.






I love your plan for the Wii room. I know how hard the sofa wait is. We were in the same position when we moved in to our last house. But...we survived and you will too! Until then, I love your who Christmas idea!

lisa truesdell

so much pretty!

Fernando Severns

What a lovely home! Well, I meant plan... Hehe. Did everything go according to it? A room or house that's beautiful as that would need proper home security. You should consider installing a security system!


did you ever get the kensington? how is it - just about to order it myself and want to know how it held up as I have read terrible reviews about RH!! Thanks

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