slow but steady
the story behind the picture

super, duper, crazy in love.

that's how i feel about my kitchen.

i loved it before, but the stainless steel island counter top finally arrived today, and everything just clicked perfectly into place.

it's beyond dreamy. it's perfection.

and it just completes this kitchen in every little way.

nothing is in its final resting place by any means, but at least it's functional, clean, and looking a bit more like home.

even the cat is starting to relax and is claiming some territory just for him.

also helping me to relax and settle in? i finally have a towel bar and a mirror in the master bathroom. after two weeks of running back and forth from various bathrooms, i can now start and finish all in mine.

marc made sure he had that taken care of before his week in utah/los angeles/chicago, and i'm eternally grateful.

and when he gets home tonight, he'll be greeted by a yard, which was finished up today.

having grass also goes a long way to restoring some sanity around here. all the dust and dirt flying around and preventing open windows was making me claustrophobic and agoraphobic at the same time. that small patch of dirt remaining at the back of the lot will be tilled and seeded with native grasses and wildflowers, and we'll just let it grow.

talk about relaxing!

we will all exhale tonight and breathe deeply tomorrow. marc will finally be home, his meetings tomorrow were postponed, the kids don't have school, and other than the movers' repair guy and the light store's installation guy coming to do their respective deeds, we have a day of just being home and together.

and i'm super, duper crazy in love with that, as well.



How quickly things can change! So happy for the respite in your chaos. Have a wonderful weekend!

Cleveland Critzer

These photos are so awesome! Your kitchen is similar to my wife's. Yep, having a grassy area gives a very serene ambiance to your house, and it is very suitable for a young family with growing kids.

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