out with the old, in with the new

one month in.

updated on 12.31.15: thank you, pinterest pinners, for loving our house! a more current tour (at christmastime, no less!) is now posted here.


a month ago from yesterday, we moved in.

(and chaos and frustration ensued, and has not been entirely resolved yet. but hey! that's moving. it is what it is.)

i finally have a desk set up for my computer, and my computer is finally talking to the file server, so i can finally show you pix from the final walk-through, the day before closing.

(this was before the winds picked up, and dirt was blown against the house, and the sod was laid to prevent more dirt from blowing against the house. right now, the house needs a good, long bath.)

the front door ...

the girls' artsy-craftsy room ...

walking into the kitchen/dining/great room ...

(thankfully, the counters are now done and gorgeous.)

the front room (what the kids are calling "the wii room," for soon-to-be obvious reasons.)

through the kitchen are the mudroom, bathroom, and my studio ...

(we've since added mirrors to all the bathrooms.)

(and apparently i have no "after" photos of my studio or the mudroom. guess you have to wait.)

heading upstairs to the bedrooms, the laundry room, and the kids' computer loft ...

the master bath finally has all of its fixtures, too, and is quite lovely if i do say so myself. i'll take a new pic of that sometime later, too.

kids' bathroom ... now has the final lights in place, too. little mini galvanized barn lights like the ones by the front door. it looks super cute.

H's room ...

h's room ...

(guest room didn't make the photo cut. later, when it's decked out.)

time to go to the basement.


game/hang out area ... the wet bar also got a stainless counter top, like the kitchen island:

tv area ...

marc's office is through the barn door ...

the basement also has another guest room and another bathroom.

and there you have it.

it's a big house ... twice the size of our last one ... and the first week i wondered what we'd gotten ourselves into. cleaning it is a full-time job, walking up and down all those stairs 5,392 times a day is exhausting, all the hardwood on the main floor kills my feet. but there's something about the space ... the way it's configured ... that feels totally homey. we were very intentional about how we wanted the rooms laid out and the space used, so the whole house feels completely like a farmhouse; like nice, cozy, intimate rooms with purpose. there are no wide open spaces or soaring ceilings. it feels much smaller than it really is. can't wait to try it out with people and see if our theory of space allocation holds up.

right now we're unpacked to the functional stage. there are several projects going on that will lead to more rooms getting more finished. harper's beds are getting painted, i'm painting our old master bedroom bed for the guest room, i have big plans for both guest rooms, the couches are ordered (grr ... that's a post for another day), and things are starting to if not come together, they are coming together as eventualities.

and that's okay for now.

thanks for being excited for us throughout this journey. it's been a blast. i'll write next time about the process and what we learned ... there are some nuggets of wisdom in there somewhere, i bet!



Wow! Beautiful! And so big! I can't even imagine all that space. You will do it up right I am sure. I think it all looks amazing. Is it just as you imagined it? I'm so happy for you.

Tara LeClaire

This is just beautiful. That flooring is gorgeous!


This is really fabulous Michelle.

Christie Wildes

your house is AMAZING!!!! love all the space and the light. :) can't wait to see it all moved into!!


it looks gorgeous michelle :) i'll wait patiently since i'm so excited to see pictures once you're settled in!

Lisa Bruins


Jenn A.

Michelle, it is absolutely gorgeous! I know you are going to make such great memories here. I am sure you worked hard and planned for a long time for this to come to fruition. Congratulations on your beautiful new home!

Tracy P

I love, love, love your house!

Xavier Sower

I like the front door of your house! :) It's very simple, and it fits my taste. :D And the color of the roof is exactly what I want for my house. You got a big house there! I'm sure all the hard work will pay off in the end.

Masako Magnini

Whoa. What a huge house you got there! O.o It seems like you love cooking judging by the spacious kitchen you have. Hehe. Also, the color of the roof made it look modern and elegant. Please post some pictures when you're done designing the house!

Will Peartin

Wow, this is like a dream house where you can spend the rest of your life with your beautiful wife and your favorite dog. Everything is perfect, from the front door to the kid's bathroom. You even have a barn room! Who took these photos?

Meghan Allen

Hello!! Love this house!! Do you have floor plans you could share?

C. Wright

Would love to see floor plans!!


My favorite house I've seen thus far! I was wondering the same thing...would you be willing to share floor/design plans or a link to them?


What paint colors did you use?


Beautiful! What color paint did you use on the exterior of the house? I am looking to paint my house white and love the color you used!




Hello! Can you tell me where you found the plans for this house? It's exactly what my husband and I want to build!


Can I ask where your front door is from?

sandra mullikin

Wow, it is a dream home for sure. Enjoy your first Thanksgiving and Christmas, you lucky duck! Please post pics after you are done decorating. Thanks for sharing!

jen mrtz

Love, love, love what you have done. Colors, or there lack of, are great. What is the carpeting for the up/down stairs? Wood flooring too....beautiful house.


Where can we find plans for this house? Please!!! This is EXACTLY what we have been looking for!!! Thanks!! Rachel

Rebecca Vehslage

Your house is beautiful and very close to what we would like to build. Would you mind sharing your house plans or where to find a link to them? Love your decor by the way from your Christmas tour!


Your home is beautiful! Would you or have you done a post on the floor plans or customizations! My husband and I are looking to build on our lot and we both love this layout from what we can see! Thank you


Very much what I'm looking for in house plans. Would you share?


Very much what I'm looking for in house plans. Would you share your source?


Floor plan? Square footage without basement!?


This is gorgeous! It's perfect.

Della Rosales

What color is the exterior color and trim.........love it!!


Yes, would you mind sharing where you found the house plans?!

Abby Smith

Love this! We have the farm with a barn, but no house! Would you be willing to share your house plans?

Talia Bahr

Just out of curiosity, we are wondering how many square feet this delightful home is?!

Karla  Butler

We are looking for a similar modern farmhouse plans and looking to build in south carolina.
Would you mind sharing the plans or source for your architect.

Thank you.


Are there floor plans posted of this layout? The house is beautiful.


Where did you get the medicine cabinet in your kids bathroom? Thanks!


What exterior paint color did you use! Love every single thing about your home!


Hi your house is absolutely beautiful! I was wondering what is the name of the color you used in the exterior of the house?

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