lumping stuff together
there are things i will miss ...

fyi: i love my new tub.



also? it's so big that i feel like a four-year-old when i sit in it.

also? i think i could put on goggles and snorkle while bathing.

also? seriously ... it's ginormous.

also? we close in nine days.



(regardless of the fact that the painters haven't yet returned, the exterior still isn't painted, the hardware still isn't on, the shower handle is missing a part, the plumbers can't figure out the mounting for the kids' sink and kohler keeps giving them conflicting information, two countertops are delayed three weeks and thus two sinks can't be installed, the tv room lights' mounting plate is too small to cover the electrical socket and we need to order new lights, and who knows what else. but carpet is going in today. and you can see here what else IS done. and i have a glorious, ridiculously deep tub.)

and that is all i have today.

glub glub.



Oh how I miss a big 'ol tub. I haven't taken a bath in 2 years. You know what I mean. I DO shower. I bet you are gonna need that big soaking tub often during the next weeks.
9 DAYS!!!!!!!

Danielle Higginbottom-Brown

ummm, so, can I come over a take a bubble bath at your house? mine is from the 1950's and is pink and shallow....need I say more? lol!

Allison Waken

Oh I am SO jealous. LOVE!


well duh! that looks amazing. I think we could snorkle in there together. LOL enjoy!


I tore out my tub to put in an awesome shower a while back.

But I love that tub!


that is awesome. i want a new tub. that was the one disappointment of our house when we built. sigh. there's always next time.

i am so excited for y'all as you get closer and closer to move in!

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