i can't wait.

this week's happy:

in no particular order:

1. this showed up yesterday:

2. this showed up today:

3. this guy:

we can't stop watching his videos in this house.

4. these guys. and this song in particular:


5. because of this:

6. and because the muppets are my favorite best in the history of ever.

7. i made this:

and it was super yummy and everyone loved it.

(even though the kids picked out all of the tomatoes.)

8. and i found this on pinterest and fell madly in love with it:

and have decided we shall do this in the nook at the bottom of the stairs to the basement.

9. maybe.

10. and a great end to the week awaits us: i'm going to a baby shower, henry's been invited to a new neighbor/friend's birthday party, and on saturday we are going to a neighborhood pig roast. how fun is that?!

all in all, excellent week. and it's only tuesday!

(wait ... it's only tuesday ... don't want to jinx it ...)


Courtney Walsh

wooohoo! this is such a fun post! :) I love everything you love. no, really, i do. i'm bookmarking this so i can come back later and love it all over again.


Now I'm hooked on that guy's videos singing!!! Whoa!

Tonya Dirk

Looks like there is lots of fun and interesting things happening in your neck of the woods! Love the book nook idea!

Mary Jo

Sounds like the perfect week! :)
That book nook is amazing! I need to show that to my husband!


I have always wanted a nook like that too, it's amazing! And I want the recipe for the aforementioned deliciousness!

Christa P.

I adore that nook! That's my dream in our "forever" house-at least a nook and preferably a wall of bookcases!

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here you go ... it IS an amazing salad! though i found that it makes
way more than we eat at one sitting, and then the avocado just gets
brown. so the next day i scooped the salad onto two avocado halves
and ate it that way and it worked just as well without wasting



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so quickly,That is my idea of a house,I think i will have the same house,best wish!

Karen Millen Pas Cher

yeah, it is great! thanks so much!

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