lumping stuff together

t-minus two weeks, two days.


things that were to have been done last week haven't yet been done, so whether the closing date sticks remains to be seen. it better ... half of our lives is currently stored in four storage containers that are set to be delivered the tuesday after closing.


regardless of the switch-up in schedules, the place is

i want it. now.

(the album is updated, so i won't go overboard here.)

today light fixtures are being hung and plumbing fixtures are going in. that's pretty cool.

hardwood flooring arrives tomorrow.

(control my giddiness.)

in other news, remember that maskros light hack i was going to try for the crafty room? well, i've been working on that.

i used martha stewart's metallic paint from home depot in polished silver, and it looks quite lovely. i won't actually install all the little antennae pieces until i know they won't get smashed or messed with in any way, but they're at least ready to go. can't wait to see it hanging in the room!

both kids have back-to-school night tonight, and school starts tuesday. finally! this summer has been a non-stop whirly blur of busy, so it will be nice to have them occupied during the day while these last two weeks of crazy happen. better for everyone involved. though right now, while i'm stressing that things are going to show up when they're meant to, my son is concerned about starting middle school without his gang of closest friends there to be a safety net, and my daughter is anxious about starting first grade in a new school where none of us really know anyone, and riding a bus for the first time ever. it will be an interesting year for us all.

let's get this house thing taken care of so i can focus on them being settled and ready to cope with what the coming days and months bring.

(it's never simple or relaxed around here.)




Ok. Here's the thing. Didn't you just start building this house like 5 minutes ago? Ok, I understand it probably feels more like 10 to you but jeez that just blew by for me. Kind of like my sister-in-laws last pregnancy. It's amazing when it's not your big exciting event, how quickly it goes. Your house is GORGEOUS and I can't wait for you to be moved all in. Good luck in the next busy weeks where you might be entirely too busy to email people back that you owe emails to. :0

Ann M. Gorman

Wow loving your work so far, when you are finished working on your home do you want to come give me a hand!? ;)


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