doing a happy dance in crazy town
making it work

suffice it to say, this week was crap.

thankfully, it's over.

but not before dealing with three-plus hours of driving each day to get kids to and from camps, meetings at the house slipped in between trips, pms, marc being gone, my car sounding funky, my car going to the shop, the cat peeing on henry's bed, not having everything i needed to clean the mattress and not being able to get more because of the aforementioned car in the shop and marc being gone, finding out my car needs $4700 of repairs and will be in the shop for a week or so.

and most of that was just on wednesday.

i may or may not have had a breakdown that was five years in the making on wednesday night.

at any rate, this afternoon we drove to the house and saw this:

and this:

and this:

and that (somewhat) (temporarily) made up for all the crappy.

though now that we're within about 40 days of moving, it's getting so hard to go out to the house. it's becoming such an amazing place, and it kills us to turn around and drive away.

(more updates in the month three album.)

now that the stairs are stained, the painters will start in on trim and cabinets next week. walls and exterior should follow.

and i'm sending my camera out to get cleaned. you may have to deal with iphone pix for a week.

unless i have another week like this one, in which case there will be no photos, unless i'm allowed to take my camera into the little padded room.

i'm not sure what the rules are about that.



I'm sorry you had a crappy week :(


hugs girl. that truly sounds rough. hate those kinds of times.


the end of your post? LOL.

sorry it was a crummy week. i hate those. but i get you. hope that it's a much better week and that you can avoid the padded room :)

p.s. the house exterior makes me swoon. and it's not even done yet. wow.


Girl. When you have a crap week, you go all out. I hope better things are ahead this week. Remember, without the bad, we wouldn't appreciate the good. Your house looks drop dead gorgeous already! How is the old house selling going?

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