making it work
this week's happy:

i can't wait.

... to live in this neighborhood.

... to live in this house.

... to sit on the porch swing.

... to hang out with the neighbors.

... to have my own sink in which to brush my teeth.

... to finally have an ice maker.

... and ice whenever i want it.

... to have room for guests when they come visit.

... to have a mudroom for the kids' backpacks and shoes.

... and a closet for all of marc's coats.

... to have a garage in which we can actually put our cars.

... to have a firepit in the backyard on which we can make s'mores.

... to go for walks around the 'hood in the evening.

... to have a clear view of sunrises and sunsets.

... to have a banister for garland at christmastime.

... to have space for family and friends when the time comes for graduation parties.

... to have a place for everything, and keep everything in its place.

... to watch the seasons change over the lake.

... to watch all the neighbor kids grow.

... to have game nights and dinners and cookouts with new friends.

... to have this house.

... to live here.

... in just over a month.



carol in seattle :)

I'm so excited for you! Your house looks so inviting and so perfectly *YOU*! Congratulations!


Can't wait to have guests stay in your guest room, eh?! ;-)

Sounds pretty awesome to me! :-D

ice maker

Yey!! so exciting!! The house looks beautiful, can you upload more photo of it fully furnished?

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