an anticlimactic event, six years in the making
i need new glasses.

a cardboard box.

our very own really expensive cardboard box.

that's how the house feels right now.

i thought i would be more excited about the presence of actual walls and ceilings, but you know what? it freaks me out. i can no longer see through everything and see all that light coming in. granted, there is still an amazing amount of light in here, but it's so, so different than what we've seen over the past seven weeks.

i'll get used to it. they'll start putting in the floors and cabinets and tile and all will be well.

right now, it just feels like a box.

and now that it's all boxed in, i see a big ol' regret:

the laundry room.

there was a miscommunication somewhere and i didn't catch it on the cabinet schematic, and now our washer and dryer will be butted up against the exterior wall. which means my dryer door won't open past 90 degrees. that might suck. and before the walls went up, i couldn't tell just how cramped it would be. stupid. this is going to bug me, i have a feeling. oh well ... too expensive to fix now. maybe i'll look into whether our w/d can be stacked ... that could solve the issue.

i really didn't want any regrets ... i was sure i had thought and double-thought everything. and yet i missed this one not-small thing.


oh well.

on the other hand, i love my stairs and can't wait to see them with the balusters and newel posts and lights on the wall and art hanging.

speaking of decorating (was i?), photoshop and i worked out the great room the other day. i think i could love it ... though i may have to find a way to justify $100+/yard curtain fabric ... (something tells me that ain't gonna happen.)

but it looks quite lovely with the couch ... ha ha.

something tells me the cardboard box isn't going to get less expensive anytime soon.



So exciting! I know the feeling of really expensive. We're waiting on an all-new house (a year or less left).

Thank you for commenting on my blog :)

Valerie at Home

Don't worry about the dryer against the wall. My washer and dryer both do that now and in our last house and I've never had a problem with it. Your laundry room is nice and spacious otherwise and it'll be just fine. I'm going to envy your cabinets in there. A place to fold IN the laundry room is priceless.


Oh it looks so nice already! Seems very open & spacious. I wish I had taken more pics when we were building our house.

Courtney Walsh

I love it, Michele. And so so exciting! I do understand the cramped laundry room--it was the only thing I didn't like about our house in Illinois. We thought about moving it down to the basement (and probably would've if we hadn't left the state!) Stacking would be a great idea though...I hope it doesn't bug you enough to take away from the pure EXCITEMENT of this whole process!!! :)

lisa truesdell

as regrets go that one isn't TOO bad - and i love seeing your space take shape!


Looking good! I'm sure it will look awesome when it's all done! :-D

As for the fabric, do you have a fabric/upholstery shop near you? We have one, and they have awesome discounts on remnants and end of rolls... still long enough for curtains! You should look around your area. That's what we did for our dining room chairs, and I got fabric for ALL six chairs for... wait for it... $7. :-D


Some how I missed seeing all these great photos! That is one reeeeaaalllly nice box! Even the laundry room ;)
Thanks for putting these super fun photos out there!

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