a cardboard box.
things are getting interesting

i need new glasses.

my last pair was purchased, oh, eight years and two prescriptions ago.

i think it's time.

awhile back i was reading making it lovely, and nicole mentioned trying on frames at home for free from warby parker, and i made note of the company because it sounded too good to be true. try on at home? for free? and then buy glasses for under a hundred bucks? from a company that also supports altruistic endeavors? sign me up!

the coolest part of the warby parker website is that it let's you "try on" frames before you order some to "try on" at home ... narrow down the playing field, as it were.

i figured, why not.

my playing field has narrowed thusly:

nedwin frame in revolver black ...

japhy frame in whiskey tortoiseshell ...

zagg frame in revolver black ...

langston frame in whiskey tortoiseshell ...

thompson frame in revolver black ...

... or i could go truly awesome and get a monocle.

the monocle isn't worn nearly often enough these days, loveys.

i'm leaning toward the langston or thompson, but i think they all need to be tried for real, just to be sure.

does anyone have any experience with this company? good? bad? prescription comes out just right? it's a little nerve-racking to think about getting it right via the mail, but heck ... for $95 i can guarantee they will still be better glasses than the ones that i've had since henry was a toddler.

and for my money, it's already been fun just playing.

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Courtney Walsh

Ha! I need new glasses too. I'm definitely going to have to check this place out!:)

lisa truesdell

totally voting for the monocle!

on a more serious note, i totally support your top choices. they look good on you!

Karina Chiodo

There are carbon fiber framed glasses that you can buy. These can last for years but they're quite expensive. Just add a little more and you can get yourself a LASIK surgery, LOL. But I have to admit, glasses look cute.

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