this week in pinterest

yesterday was a big day

first of all, there was this:

*commence sobbing*

she looks so big. and in the blink of an eye, she'll be graduating for real, and we'll be having a graduation party, and on a table with a big sheet cake from the grocery story will be this photo and a photo of her graduating at 18, side by side. although, i highly doubt there will be marker on her fingers in that photo. though, who knows.

(class of 2023?! oh, my ...)


they all head to different schools in the fall, but hopefully they will find each other again in middle school. dear friends.

the other big thing around here?


(the build album is always updated, even if i don't write anything.)

on tuesday we noticed a load of wood was delivered, but seeing actual walls go up was pretty exciting.

standing at the front door ...


marc's office. this door will have a sliding barn door ... can't wait to find that!

looking out the tv room window ...

pretty awesome.


now i'm off to meet with the designer and selections lady to finalize paint and tile and carpet. yesterday i finalized the kitchen cabinetry with the cabinet guy, and tomorrow we meet with the plumbing source for bathroom and kitchen fixtures. we're soooo close to just sitting back and watching it come together! what stumps me, though is the simpler i try to make things, the more the cost goes up. what's the deal with that??

regardless, it will be amazing. can't wait. we're in for an interesting summer.


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What a great post. I remember when I graduated my preparatory schooling stage. I don't know what to really feel but I can say "I am happy" although not knowing what to do, and somewhat unconcerned with what's happening next. By the way, you had a great post. Keep it up.


That was so cute! Congratulations to your daughter! Graduations are a very fruitful event for parents.

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