in other news ...
harnessing the good

time for the guts

we've been explaining the build to harper in body terms:

the skeleton (frame) is finished. all the bones are in place to hold up the house. now we start on the guts to make everything run. the veins and lungs and nerves are going in (electrical, plumbing, hvac), the eyes are in (windows), the hair is on (shingles).

(i can't even begin to tell you how in love i am with this house now that the windows are in. as if i didn't love it enough before.)

rumor has it our cabinets will be set in about three weeks (we were told that so we could get our bums in gear and pick out soapstone slabs for the kitchen), which means insulation, drywall and flooring will be done within the next three weeks.

yesterday we went out for our electrical walk-through, to make sure we have lights and switches and outlets in the right place.

(marc, looking over the plans with our electrical guy, randy, while our building supervisor, billy (billy of the sparkliest blues eyes ever), supervises.)

while there, we noticed some other new goodies:

plumbing stuff ...

and duct stuff ...

and toilet stack stuff ...

(trying to decide is "sioux chief" is an offensive brand name for a crapper capper, especially given that we are building within spitting distance of indian land.)

tomorrow morning i have a meeting to pick out all of our lights, then i need to send a tersely worded email to our cabinet guy to suggest maybe he respond to the half a dozen or so increasingly tersely worded emails i've sent over the past two weeks, and answer the burning questions that only he can answer. answers i kinda need before i can move forward with other things.

cabinet guy is the one kink in this otherwise slick and enjoyable endeavor.

i have no idea what to expect by the end of this week, but at the pace these guys are going, i'm sure it will be amazing. marc's hoping that the wiring guys will be done by the weekend so that he can get in there and run all of the network cabling. i'm hoping he'll take henry with him for that; something tells me he would love the heck out of helping daddy wire the house for computery stuff.

oh, and i decided to split the build photo album into three parts, one for each month-ish of progress. you're welcome.


Tina Cockburn

Wow! It's coming along! Ready for a construction playdate whenever you are! Or better yet, mom's night out for margaritas and a movie?

Jessie Giovenco

I'm green with envy but SO happy for you all!!!


Holy smokes, I can't believe how quickly this is coming along!! If it's this fun for us to watch, I can't even imagine how excited you are!!!

Flooring Gal Gina

You're getting pretty close to having a house. If you're excited about the windows, wait until the drywall and flooring is in. Have you picked out all the colors yet?


p.s. I vote for mom's night margaritas.

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