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house update: week four

house update: week three

we saw major progress this week.

namely, the first floor was framed.

and our project suddenly feels and looks like a house.

we were able to walk through the main level and get a feel of the space ... not too big, not too small. just right.

looking in the front door, through the dining room to where the sliding doors will be:


the back of the house, to the left, where my studio is (you can see the door coming in, the windows at the corner, letting in what will be great light), as well as the bathroom (the small, square window), the mudroom and mudroom closet:

next to the mudroom will be the kitchen (the double window will be over the sink), and the dining room sliding door:

the back right corner of the house will be the great room, with two piano windows flanking the fireplace:

off the great room, in the front of the house, is the tv room. in the center is the entryway (the center opening is the front door), and the crafty room, with the single window, will be through a barn door:


and soon we'll be able to walk through that front door, sit on a porch swing, and watch harper play with her friends (she's already made some) at the park, and watch henry play basketball with other boys (he's already friends with one, and we've heard there are others).

we've spent hours here in the past four days and have begun to meet other families, talk to other parents to compare notes on what we all do (quite a few techie dads), how many kids (2-4 is the norm; age range is comparable), where we've moved here from, etc.

we're mentally moved in and making ourselves at home, i believe.


lisa truesdell

that is awesome - so glad it already feels like home!

Courtney Walsh

it's so awesome, Michele. Just remodeling our house has been so overwhelming...I'm trying to remember to breathe, but it's really, really hard. I hope this process is super smooth for you guys!

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