for sale:
yanking my chain.

staked. (insert vampire joke here.)

(i'm not into vampires*, so i can't do it myself.)

(*unless you count "the lost boys." then, yes.)

our dirt was surveyed, and we now have stakes.

so ... i don't totally get what all the stakes are. some say "hse," which i assume is "house," and some say "gar," which i assume is "garage." there are others that seem to imply building line ... is that "building" line, noun, ie the line at which our building, ie house, runs along? or "building" line, verb, ie the line at which the fence goes to hold the construction in and the neighbors out? don't know. and marc has no interest in going out there with me to see our stakes and offer an opinion. so, your guess is as good as mine. perhaps better, if you've built before.

regardless, it's fun to see the footprint. or, the footprint within the footprint, given what those lines actually mean.

it was way fun to walk to the back line and think, here's the view from my kitchen window!

nice view.

so we're staked. yay. a little more paperwork and signing needs to shuffle around for a day or seven, and then we get to FINALLY make a dent in the dirt and get this going.

or so i'm told.


lisa truesdell

woohoo! progress!

Lisa Dickinson

so exciting to see these steps in housebuilding - what an adventure you're on! :)

Allison Waken

Gorgeous view, how fun it must be to watch this progress! I'm jealous :)


yay!!!! :) aren't you so glad to see actual progress on the ground?!?!?


I'm excited for you! This is progress!

kelly noel

oh you must be SO excited!!! can't wait to see it built!

Courtney Walsh

It's all so exciting, Michele!!!! :) I know it's a TON of work, but SO exciting!!

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