a new day

further confirmation

after a yummy lunch at burger jones on saturday, we went on a family outing to another model home from our builder.

marc and i are firm believers in seeing as many reference homes as possible to get an idea of what we've gotten ourselves into with this build thing and with this builder.

and yet again, we're fully satisfied with our choice.

we wanted to see this one because 1. its size is roughly the same as ours, 2. its pricepoint is in the ballpark of ours, and 3. the style seemed to be more in our vein than some others we'd seen recently. all good reasons, we thought.

immediately upon entering, we saw several things that look like options we've spec'ed out:

hand-scraped dark floors: check.

square posts on the stairway: check.

white enameled trim: check.

front door painted black: check.


then we looked at the kitchen, and found more similaries:

white shaker-style cabinet doors, dark countertops (though ours will be soapstone, not granite), similar appliances (french door fridge, double wall oven/mic unit, cooktop).

it all looked pretty.

then we went into the little nook shown above, with the work station. there was an interesting window above it that appeared to look out upon nothing ...

until we took a closer look.

that window looks down on something in the basement that is very special, indeed. something that had both of my boys saying, "waaaannnnttttt!!!!!"

a sport court.

once they'd had their fill of the awesomeness of that little space, we went upstairs.

standard boy room, girl room, spare room, and bathrooms ...

and a calm, cool master.

and a bonus space in the stairway landing.

then back down, we went.

we decided it is a nice house, nice layout, nice room sizes. roomy without being too big in one area and too small in another.

we decided we like ours better.

and ours will be amazing.

or so we think.

right now, it just looks like this:

(i've started an album in the right-hand column about the build, if you'd like to follow along.)



Soooooooo exciting!

Ms Pink

What a cool house! Can't wait to see yours :)

Tina Cockburn

I wanna be your neighbor. I love our house but the 90's crap kitchen is pulling me down. I have serious kitchen envy, my friend.

Christine M.

I my goodness Michelle - I had know idea you were seeking to build a how this lovely! I can only imagine such a dreamy place, then again, we're seeking to downgrade our living situation at some point in the future - we've too much house for the two of us right now! I can't keep pace with it!! Laugh. Anyway, great choices on them materials - it'll be a gorgeous home for your fam! And just a mention, I'm up for climbing to St.Cloud anytime! I'm off from school and seeking people to hang out with this Summer. If you're up for the trip, call me or email me!

Christine M.

And I can't type worth the life of me today..jeez. Laugh. Sorry about that...


So very exciting!! Thanks for the album. It's so fun to see what you're doing!!

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