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a new day

thank you to those who lifted up a prayer for the south in the past few days. your names were counted ... then i rounded up. i'll send the full amount to recovery efforts ... we'll call it our tithing this month.

the sweet little vase goes out to ursula, who was randomly selected from those who responded. so, congrats, ursula, and bless you!

over the past few days, things have definitely changed around here.

on monday, we got word that things with the bank were finally squared away and good to go.

on tuesday, we closed on the build loan.

on wednesday, i drove out to the lot to check on a tree that needed to be moved, and saw this:


at this point, it was more like: scraping away the topsoil within the parameters of the stakes!!! but still ... progress is progress.

that evening, all of us went out to see what had been accomplished during the day ...


the tree that needs to be moved was left alone, which is good, because it could have ended up looking like this other tree ...

and i have to give props to the guy in the digger. he was 100% aware of the proposed placement of said tree ...

there is about a 10" perimeter around the tree stake i put in the ground. hopefully the tree guy will get out there before that stake disappears ... i don't think the diggers can be diligent forever.

thursday evening we went out again to see what day two had brought. and by golly, we have a footprint.


and a gravel driveway. and a tree that really, really needs to be moved.

we also met another neighbor, a guy who lives directly across the park from us. a guy who plays pro hockey for switzerland, and this is his family's "summer home."

i think they need to be our new best friends. but then we'd be FORCED to visit them in switzerland.


friday afternoon, marc and i stopped by for a quick peek before running some errands, and saw that the foundation forms are loaded and ready, and the sump pump appears to be placed.

the excitement may be back, folks.


last night, harper had her dear friend over for a sleepover,

so once we run her home, we'll go check on the dirt again. maybe i'll even remember to take the real camera this time and not just my phone. because who knows what day four will bring ...


Catherine Feegel-Erhardt

B E A U T I F U L !
love the soil... the digging... the sump pump...the photos... Mr. McHotty looking into the hole...Powerlessly Powerful !... the JOY I hear in your writing !
B E A U T I F U L !

Kelly Rodgers

How exciting! Cannot wait to see your next update xxx

Amy Coose

This is so exciting! Can't wait to see the next updates!


Would you share the floor plans, I love everything about your home.

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