so, the dominican.

i'm not giving you the silent treatment.


it's just been crazy around here.

last thursday we flew to the dominican republic for five days of schmoozing/celebrating/sunning/drinking/laughing/sleeping/eating/swimming/sunburning with the other '11 president's club members from red hat. marc was one of only a few that were in the club a second year in a row ... he'd like to go for the hat trick next year, so i guess i need to be okay with his travel schedule.

which, given what the calendar looks like over the next month, is hard to swallow right now.

but i have to keep this in mind:

and this, too:

because, let's be honest: marc's buying this house, not me.

i will tell you all about our trip, share pix (from the real camera, not my phone), tell you about doing the lot walk with the building supervisor, etc., but i have to dig my camera out first. and get through the next two days of painting/cleaning/mending/hanging/hole filling/scrubbing/etc. to get this house ready to go on the market in, hopefully, a week or so. because i lose my helper on monday, and getting as much done as possible this weekend is imperative.

so, i'm not ignoring you. i just need a few days. then i'll be back.

please forgive me.





Well, ok. As long as you're not ignoring me. lol Good luck with your crazy month!

carol in seattle :)

Looks like a fun trip! Johns home this week after four weeks on the road. Sending you lots of hugs to get through the craziness!

Anne Dolin

Lovin you anyway honey!

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