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finally sharing ...

these. at length. because it's been three weeks and baby zoey entered the world yesterday.

daddy was in sweden, mom rachael teaches at cooks of crocus hill in st paul, which is where we shot these. amazing, amazing kitchen and store. marc and i took a class here a couple of years ago for fun and had a BLAST.

rachael is a total kate walsh lookalike, just brunette. statuesque and gorgeous, even eight months pregnant.

i'd hate her if i didn't like her so much.

congrats, j & r!! and little z, can't wait to meet you!

i am woefully behind

project 365/52? ugh. don't even remind me. i lost that back in september. maybe i'll have to pull together six weeks' worth of "shots i never shared."

laundry? i was mostly caught up. then henry came home. now the mountain is as tall as harper.

cleaning? i had a good handle on that, too ... then we got the floors redone and everything from the dining room moved into the sun room. then we got the sun room painted, and everything from the sun room moved into the dining room. on top of that, we got some drywall repairs done, so there's a fine dust everywhere.

kitchen? i was on top of it, then painting and drywalling occurred. and henry and marc both left, so harper and i ate grilled cheese, then i had to get a ... um ... procedure yesterday, so i didn't eat at all for 36 hours. the kitchen got ignored.

groceries? see above. also? i should probably make a grocery list for thanksgiving. also? i really need to reserve a turkey.

editing photos and burning cds? yup. behind on that, too. where has my motivation gone this month??

however, i DID get an article up on andie smith designs, using her new calendar brushes. that was pretty sweet.


now ...

i'm helping henry catch up on a week's worth of math homework and trying to teach him how to divide fractions (ie blind leading blind).

i'm getting ready to repaint a wall in the dining room, small spots in the hallway, and two re-patched areas in harper's room. that's four colors of paint i need to find. sigh.

i need to clean the fridge, do the laundry, crack the whip on the kids to clean up legos and barbies so next week i can vacuum.

i need to get my body back in full swing from my ... um ... procedure yesterday.

i need to ... just ... breathe.


here starts that craziness i mentioned earlier.

and just like that, it's winter.

on thursday, i saw the weather forecast for friday-sunday, and it said 1-3". i told marc that he needed to get his car in on friday for the snow tires.

on friday morning, the forecast changed to 3-5". i drove marc and his tires to dodge.

on friday night, we went to bed to an updated forecast of 5-10" of snow by sunday.

i planned to take henry to the dentist saturday morning while marc and harper were at swimming, then hit the grocery on the way home so we could lazily watch the snow fall on saturday whilst eating soup and baked good.

saturday morning, we awoke to about 6" of wet, heavy snow. and several big branches broken from the tree in our front yard under the weight of the snow.

the plows hadn't yet gone through, the roads were full of slushy, brick-heavy snow, and it was still coming down. so we didn't go anywhere.

the forecast was changed to 7-10" at least.

within the next two hours we watched our tree lose about two-thirds of its branches to the snow. our neighbor behind us, whose willow got decimated in a wind storm a few weeks ago, lost another branch right onto the power lines and we saw sparks fly. luckily, the electricity stayed on. and our former/future neighbor next door? his tree lost a big branch into the yard, and another big branch broke off and was dangling perpendicularly to the street, blocking most of the road.

we got moderately bundled - it actually wasn't all that cold, just very, very snowy - and trudged into the backyard to take a christmas card photo, then the kids put on their layers and set out the play, marc grabbed the shovel, and i grabbed ... well ... i grabbed my camera and decided to document rather than help.

marc played chicken with mother nature: he shoveled while she continued to send the snow.



once he claimed victory, he celebrated by making a fort with harper.

then henry went to throw snowballs at the trees and try to knock snow off the branches, at which point we discovered he might need a belt for his new snow pants.

IMG_0482 IMG_0486

and remember the neighbors' willow? that landed on the power lines? well, after we came inside, cleaned up, got some cocoa, and sent the kids off to play, marc noticed smoke. so he called the fire department. and we waited.

they came out, noticed the smoldering had stopped, and said compared to other things they'd seen that day, they weren't going to worry about it just yet.

and they left.

alrighty then.

and that's how winter arrived in minnesota. literally overnight. after six weeks of amazingly warm, perfect fall weather.

much to the joy of my eldest, who heads four hours north tomorrow with his class for a week-long environmental camp. and has been praying for snow so he could snowshoe while there.

IMG_0405 he got his wish.

a new arrival

my baby. my photography.

i've decided the time has come to be legit and be a grown-up and start building a business versus just building a portfolio and shooting sporadically as i get word-of-mouth queries.

i'm currently building a website (will let you know when it launches), and i made the leap into a facebook page for my business (see left-hand column ... be a fan!!). there are plans afoot for the new house ... a studio space. i'm already planning robin's egg blue floors, white walls, one big feature wall, lots of natural light ... and lots of fun, bright, lovely things to use with newborns through the first year. my love is still natural light, natural habitat, but some people don't have natural light or don't want to use their home. that's where the studio space will come in handy for the littlest birds.

so this is me, sharing with you, and feeling very vulnerable, like an imposter. but i heard a quote from jamie lee curtis (my own personal goddess) the other day that resonated with me. she said, "i refuse to be humble about the things i'm frickin' good at." i've convinced myself for too long that i'm not good at anything, but darn it ... a magazine hired me to be on their scrappy design team, so i must be good at that. and i wrote a book for them, so i must be good at that. and i have fantastic kids, so i must be good at that.

and i'm good at taking pictures. i won't be scared of that anymore.

check it out ... i just grew a pair, right in front of you. ;o)