and just like that, it's winter.
finally sharing ...

i am woefully behind

project 365/52? ugh. don't even remind me. i lost that back in september. maybe i'll have to pull together six weeks' worth of "shots i never shared."

laundry? i was mostly caught up. then henry came home. now the mountain is as tall as harper.

cleaning? i had a good handle on that, too ... then we got the floors redone and everything from the dining room moved into the sun room. then we got the sun room painted, and everything from the sun room moved into the dining room. on top of that, we got some drywall repairs done, so there's a fine dust everywhere.

kitchen? i was on top of it, then painting and drywalling occurred. and henry and marc both left, so harper and i ate grilled cheese, then i had to get a ... um ... procedure yesterday, so i didn't eat at all for 36 hours. the kitchen got ignored.

groceries? see above. also? i should probably make a grocery list for thanksgiving. also? i really need to reserve a turkey.

editing photos and burning cds? yup. behind on that, too. where has my motivation gone this month??

however, i DID get an article up on andie smith designs, using her new calendar brushes. that was pretty sweet.


now ...

i'm helping henry catch up on a week's worth of math homework and trying to teach him how to divide fractions (ie blind leading blind).

i'm getting ready to repaint a wall in the dining room, small spots in the hallway, and two re-patched areas in harper's room. that's four colors of paint i need to find. sigh.

i need to clean the fridge, do the laundry, crack the whip on the kids to clean up legos and barbies so next week i can vacuum.

i need to get my body back in full swing from my ... um ... procedure yesterday.

i need to ... just ... breathe.


here starts that craziness i mentioned earlier.


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