one less beige in my life!!
and just like that, it's winter.

a new arrival

my baby. my photography.

i've decided the time has come to be legit and be a grown-up and start building a business versus just building a portfolio and shooting sporadically as i get word-of-mouth queries.

i'm currently building a website (will let you know when it launches), and i made the leap into a facebook page for my business (see left-hand column ... be a fan!!). there are plans afoot for the new house ... a studio space. i'm already planning robin's egg blue floors, white walls, one big feature wall, lots of natural light ... and lots of fun, bright, lovely things to use with newborns through the first year. my love is still natural light, natural habitat, but some people don't have natural light or don't want to use their home. that's where the studio space will come in handy for the littlest birds.

so this is me, sharing with you, and feeling very vulnerable, like an imposter. but i heard a quote from jamie lee curtis (my own personal goddess) the other day that resonated with me. she said, "i refuse to be humble about the things i'm frickin' good at." i've convinced myself for too long that i'm not good at anything, but darn it ... a magazine hired me to be on their scrappy design team, so i must be good at that. and i wrote a book for them, so i must be good at that. and i have fantastic kids, so i must be good at that.

and i'm good at taking pictures. i won't be scared of that anymore.

check it out ... i just grew a pair, right in front of you. ;o)


margie scherschligt

Fabulous post! Way to go.

jamie long

you go girl! and the "pair" made me lol!


Congratulations! Your pictures are beautiful and I'm sure you'll do fabulous!

Karen (kphike)

Good luck w/ the house and Biz Michelle- LOVE your pics! What took you so long?! :)


Wow, this is so exciting! You are such a talented photographer, I know only great things are going to come! I can't wait to see your website!


Good for you!! :)


Ok - congrats! But man, oh man! That JLC quote? Perfection. I must use it for my facebook status right now! ;) Seriously - you ARE good at taking pictures. So, good on 'ya!


good luck, michelle!

Sarah W.

Congrats on your new venture! Best of luck!

Susan Beth

good for you for going for it. I hope it is fun and smooth sailing for you.

amy tangerine

absolutely love that quote. congrats for your taking the leap!


congratulations and may i add...its about time. I have always loved your pics!!

Diane Payne

Congratulations on your big venture! How very exciting for you!


oh that's wonderful Michelle. You will be a hit. Your new space sounds wonderful - I remember you describing your dream decorating scheme once and thinking what lovely ideas you have.

Jill Sprott

More power to you, I say. What an amazing adventure.


Good for you! This post made me smile. :)

lisa truesdell

i think this is an awesome step, michele - CONGRATS!!!!


It's about friggin' time girlie! I've been saying this for years! LOL. And you know that you are booked for Jacob's Bar Mitzvah...:)Loving you from IL.

Jenny P

Congrats on the new business venture Michele! Will be fun to watch (through your blog)!


Ok. For reals. I love your blog. I think you rock. I think your photos rock. I also think Jamie Lee Curtis is brilliant. I'm glad you visited me so I could find you. Now I'm off to read more of your exploits.

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