i almost got teary. almost.
365/52 week 32. and 33. oh heck, 34 and 35, too.

wouldn't this be lovely?

the first week of school is winding down. my glimpses of free time have given me hope and opened a world of possibilities for me: run to the grocery without children? yes! prep dinner and get it in the oven?  yes! go the to gym? not this week, but, yes! snuggle up on the bed for 10 minutes and chat with my husband? yes! hypothetically decorate the front room of the new house?


like i've said before, it's an illness. or extreme proactivity and planning ahead. take your pick.

the front room of the new house is a "flex space" on the blueprint ... not a great room, that's by the kitchen. probably an office, but we're converting the dining room into an office. so for us, this flex space will be a little tv room. because i don't want a tv in my great room. especially above the fireplace. we decided that it made sense to open up the great room to the flex room and create one larger, open space for multipurposefulness.

what does any good obsessive-compulsive planner/dreamer with time on her hands 2.5 hours a day do?

she obsessive-compulsively plans/dreams.

i tore out this inspiration article from the april better homes & gardens magazine because i loved this built-in entertainment center. because the flex room isn't all that wide, figuring out where to put a media cabinet of some sort and leave room to walk between it and a couch was tricky. but this idea would solve that beautifully!

  Media built-in Media built-in 2 Media built-in 3

i think it would be possible to tuck it into the stairway wall and not interfer with anything. i'm guessing. haven't discussed this with the builder, hence the hypotheticalness.

once that little idea bounced around my brain, though, it felt possible to move forward with the O-CP/D decorating of this space.

so i did.

Front room
how cute would that be??

that rug ... i'm in love with that rug. so hard.

hang some prints above the couch, some white or simple graphic pattern curtains on the windows and ... love.

but that's next year. we'll see where the wind takes me when the time actually comes. but like the mud room and harper's room, the kitchen and my studio and henry's room (which i haven't told you about yet), ideas are percolating, and that can only make decisions easier to make at crunch time, right? see. i'm doing the right thing.


Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

Well that all sounds wonderful. Nothing wrong with dreaming:) Thanks for the tips for up north. Now you have me all excited to go farther. It'll have to wait 'til next year. Maybe late spring. Have a great day.

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