365/52 week 30
okay: michigan.

365/52 week 31 (ie "vacation")

i said we were going to be busy. what i didn't say is that "busy" was code for traveling to indiana, ohio and michigan for a family reunion, camping, swimming, and riding four hours on a ferry.

now you know why i didn't blog last week.

i'll get to a full-on recap of our adventure later this weekend, but here is a quick glimpse via 365/52 (i'm nothing if not dedicated to this little project. ha.):


marc decided he needed a pre-vacation siesta.


packed to the gills and on our way.


true story: there was some spirited fishing taking place at my great-aunt martha's pond during the family reunion. harper grabbed a pole, said, "daddy, i think there's a fish on here," and proceeded to reel in (with some muscle help) this little guppy.


harvesting jalapenos, tomatoes, and basil with grandpa roush.


the ubiquitous hoosier pork tenderloin sandwich. *shudder*


ahh ... sand in the toes!!!


evidence of how awesome grand haven is: a candy store/liquor store. yeah ... those were the two choices.

s.s. badger = chilled kids x not having to drive through chicago.


i'll be back soon with the stories to fill in the blanks.



Great pictures!! Looks like you had a great time ;)TFS

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