365/52 week 29
365/52 week 31 (ie "vacation")

365/52 week 30

like i said, it's been crazy. here's a glimpse at last week ... i need to get my eldest to stop making insanely dorky faces every time the camera comes out. doggone him. his sister is the only cooperative ... mostly ... subject.


harper finally got to have a "one braid" ... and it was a happy day.


accessorizing a la 'robert the rose horse.'


henry loved tennis camp.


out riding the neighbor's cooler scooter. i know, i thought it was redneck, too. turns out it's legit redneck.


oh, to be young and bendy.


with slickers and pokedexes, they ever so patiently waited out the wall of water that dropped on our house just as we were preparing to leave.

i feel that mchotness is woefully underrepresented in the 365/52 project. note the head-set. there's your explanation.


have a great weekend!



Love, love, love 210.

Susan Beth

I enjoyed your photos from the week! Redneck scooter, headphones and all!

Michelle S

Wow, that image of your husband is something I can truly relate to!

Jen M

Great bunch of photos!! I wish I was bendy like that too!

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