i got sidetracked.
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wyatt wyatt bo-byatt

god love him, he's just a peach.

a big, squishy, juicy, plump, delicious peach.

remember six months ago, when he was seven weeks early and scaring the pants off all of us? well, now he's all caught up and then some! he's *healthy* for a baby his age. he's DANG healthy for a baby of his adjusted age!

and how those rolls and smiles and fierce love of eating makes us all smile!

when we were in indiana, wyatt (and his mom and dad, of course) came over pretty much every day to hang out, have dinner, let us bask in the adorableness that is mr chunky monkey. the first full day that we were there, my grandma also came for the day, so my kids not only got some great-grandma mary time, but also got to meet their newest cousin. henry, ever the 10-year-old boy, said, "huh. ok." harper was much more impressed.

she even asked aunt becca very sweetly if she could please feed wyatt. and when he was laid on her lap, his head propped up, and his bottle in harp's eager little hand, she smiled very proudly and did her job well.

(and yes, wyatt's head is about as big as harper's. and look at those thighs!! obviously, feeding wyatt is not a battle; harper's confidence was definitely helped by wyatt's professionalism with a bottle.)

after he had his bottle and his cereal, it was time for a bath, and harper again eagerly offered to help.
the next few days with family were fun - hot, but fun, and on friday we drove to winona lake to celebrate both grandpa roush's and uncle matt's birthdays. after dinner, i grabbed my camera and did a little session with matt, becca, and wyatt.

at first, he was just a cutie patootie ...

then his inner cheekiness came out to play:

serious and smoldering ...


dreamy and introspective ...

philosophical and contemplative ...

bemused and a bit "you talkin' to me?" ...

we had a great time in the sunset, and wyatt was a true charmer.


and this? this face is so 100% our dad. though somehow it looks much less impish and much more amused on wyatt ...


and this one? i love how it ...

is just a six-months-later version of this:

this little guy was a fighter from the beginning, and it was so, so good to see him well and happy and healthy and just a sweet, sweet little guy. and i can't wait to see him (and his mom and dad, of course) again in a few weeks for the traditional roush family camping trip to michigan. this time, with spouses and a third generation instead of just the nucleus family.




precious michele! he is just precious. those cheeks...oh my goodness :) i'm partial to baby cheeks!

Cari Skuse

What a cutie! Glad to see he is doing so well now.
You have a beautiful blog, Michelle!


what wonderful photos...love them....


What a cutie! And what a gorgeous collection of photos!!!


You have to be the photographer at least part of the time for Jake and Emmy's Bar and bat Mitzvah. I know it's 4 years away, but dang, girl - you got SKILLZ! (I already knew that tho...)

Wonderful posts. Lurve it. Can't wait to see you!

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