wyatt wyatt bo-byatt

i got sidetracked.

on the way to photos of wyatt and from our time in indiana, i got waylaid by yet more house-obsessing. this time the culprit is harper's room.

remember the photo of the day that showed her falling head-over-heels for an obnoxious a bright and cheery new bedspread?

well, i've been racking my brain, trying to find ideas that will allow her bedspread to be accepted enjoyed without overwhelming the central nervous system every time someone enters her room.

her room will be shaped like this:

pretty standard. but it's a good size, 14x13 (bigger than any bedroom she's ever had. heck, bigger than any bedroom any of us has ever had in any house ever.), and if that bedspread is going to dictate the space, i'll be darned if that room is going to be 182 sq ft of craziness.

so i came up with this little idea:

the plan for the house is lots and lots of white, and i'd like to use board and batten or v-groove wainscot anywhere i can. heck, i'd clad the ceilings in the entire house with tongue and groove boards if i could! for harper's room, it makes sense to do the white board and batten up her wall, about 2/3rds the height of the room. then add paint above that in the deep fuschia from the bedspread. color, without being COLOR. i truly love the green gingham sheets shown with the bedspread and might bite the bullet and order those (which, if i'm going to do that, it needs to be ASAP, hence the current premature obsession with this room). otherwise, i'll get plain white sheets and add a ribbon detail like on the lily pulitzer sheets. (because while i adore my daughter, she'll only be six when we move. she doesn't need $100 white sheets with green on the edge.)

this whole idea came together in my head when i became unshakably smitten with the white and green ro-sham-beaux pendant lamp. oh, how i love that little light and want it want it want it. however, at $300 for a 10" x 10" lamp, i highly doubt it will be for harp's room, even though it's perfect. but my crafty little head is thinking that an inexpensive light kit and drum shade decked out with some green trim or a pretty green fabric would do the trick. or maybe i could replace the shades on harper's old arstid wall lights from ikea and put them by her bed ... i have options.

i would really love to move her hemnes daybed into the guest room and replace it with two jenny lind beds, maybe painted black (i already have one from my parents that used to be my sister's until i got it for harper to use, then didn't because it was too big in her room ... mom, can i paint it black?), and find a little dresser to paint a pretty color and do this kind of thing:

(see? tongue and groove walls. i'm addicted.)

if i do that though ... i guess that means i need to buy another one of those bedspreads. and quite possibly this rug ...


sigh. make it stop.

one. more. year.


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Above comment is weird. Anyway, I will make Harper's lampshade if you want - Mid-way through the paragraph, I went back up to the pic and said to myself "Self, I can make that!" LMK. Also, e-mail me about October girlie! You need to book it!


all your options look so cute. and i think the board and batten option will be a perfect way to offset the bolder colors. it will great! :) i'm getting close to a room-redo for my girls too.

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