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365/52 week i'll-do-the-math-later

the 365/52 project is past the halfway mark at this point, but by how many weeks? three? i'll have it figured out before the recap of this past week. but first, a photo-heavy look at the three weeks preceding this last one ... because as god as my witness i WILL keep up with this thing!!! (and again, a strict adherence to truthful time line is a bit, well, fuzzy.)



harper takes a "max & ruby" break from her summertime activities of coloring and asking when her brother will get home from school.



doing the "last day of school" dance.


we're gonna paint the house. technically, we're gonna paint the house one shade darker than the gray on the left.



my violet gave me two little blooms.



mario looked noir.



harper got to feed her cousin. i told you about that in the last post.


one day the light was just right and i told harp i could see her brown stripes. she said, "take a picture," so i did. can you see her brown stripes?


adorable little vessels at my cousin luke's studio and gallery, mudlove. like 'em? stick around ... there's a giveaway coming up.


matt and my dad, celebrating their birthdays with first dessert at the boathouse. second dessert followed at matt & becca's house an hour later.



becca's belly's reaction to having just completed a sprint triathlon.



my cousin's stinkin' adorable little boy, moses.



harp said she "desperately need(ed) a foot bath!" after park camp. then she gave herself one.



boston. legal test kitchen. best. lobster. roll. ever.



peaceful, ethereal bird sculpture in the center of the spiral staircase at the marriott renaissance.



boston harbor and world trade center.



just me and him. and boston.



entertaining themselves for 30 mins at the carwash by transforming styrofoam cups into shrek ears.



looking off the back deck toward an amazing sunset.


harp picked out these mint things. then found this deformed one and demanded it have a photo shoot. she can be so weird sometimes.



she can also be quite adorable.



rain on the daisies.



and rain soaks the neighbor's trees.



and ... more rain for the daisies.



a sleepover takes control of the sun room.


i loved smith & hawken's honeysuckle jasmine scent because the honeysuckle reminds me of the hedges of honeysuckle at my grandma mary's house when i was a kid. so imagine my happiness when i found a candle of it at target the other day. then the check-out lady said, "oh, this scent reminds me of funerals!" huh. to each his own.



hey look! it's raining! again! and chipotle's cups predicted it!



the children, browsing barnes & noble.


with every new house that goes up near our lot, our lot suddenly feels smaller and smaller. hope the next-door neighbor leaves us some room.


saw these beautiful flowers at a restaurant and wanted to remember them for my next yard. coleus and lantana and petunias ... oh my!


okay ... glad that's done!!


until next time!




Courtney Walsh

I love these pictures, Michele. So many great shots in there! :)


These pictures are all so beautiful, but my favs are Bec's green seaweed stomach and the one of Moses (yeah, I'm biased). Thanks for taking that, by the way, I didn't even know you had!


great moments captured michele. my kiddos love foot-baths too. do yours make as big a mess as mine???

lisa truesdell

fun fun fun moments.. harper looks just like you, doesn't she??

Amy Coose

Your pics are amazing, Michelle! Thanks for inspiring...


Beautiful photos and I love your captions,too. Thanks for sharing these :)

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