the day that, despite best intentions, sucked.

365/52 week 27 (let's go with that)

i did a little math. my figuring came to this being the end of week 27.

then again, i was an english major.

and ... go:


henry's room has become mega lego land.


i went to basilica block party with sue. we saw ingrid michaelson, guster, two songs by v.v. brown, and bare naked ladies. in other words: the perfect day.


marc and i cleaned the garage. harper found three bags of stuffed animals that, ahem, mysteriously were trying to get donated. so now all those animals are in our sun room. in other words: not the perfect day.


henry went to a friend's house, so harper got to be in her own little world all morning.


the minis raced each other drinking shared a mint milkshake at red robin. wicked case of neck freeze times two.


summery, water-type playing with friends.


harper thought mario might like some company during his afternoon ritual neighborhood watch.


(and yes ... i'm pretty sure i missed a week somewhere. i bet i'll catch up in the fall when i take way more photos.)




Very interesting images. Love the first one!

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