this is why i keep crap.

365 week 22

i have seriously thought it was friday for the past three days. it's weird. to have no concept of what day it is really makes the week feel that much longer and more exhausting.

but, i've been told today is thursday, so ... pix. and, more importantly, pix that are in totally random order for some reason:



the birdhouses have been hung, and birds (and squirrels) and have started snacking.



i really need to come up with something they can do this summer that doesn't involve electronics.



love love love. they have adored each other since day one, and i love love love that.



henry's collection of ribbons from spring track season.



last track meet of the season, and it r.a.i.n.e.d. the entire meet. we were soaked.


poetry day at henry's school. his turn to read a poem he wrote. see his best bud, josh, and josh's mom's looks of amusement? here's why:

"heh, heh, heh" by henry skinner

from the poetry anthology entitled "video games"

heh, heh, heh


i'm sneaking downstairs to play a first-person shooter!

turn it on.

wow! wooo!

ick! barf!

weird! freaky!

uh-oh ... dad wants to play now.


we have big, fat bees at our house.



Michelle Clement

he he. :) I like his poem! Pretty rad. And your photos are gorgeous! :) I just hopped over here from Studio Calico, and I'm super-happy I found your cute blog. :)

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