baseball and diplomas and dirt, oh my!
this is why i keep crap.

365 week 21

(is my math right? i know i've gotten off track here and there. this may end up being a 48 week year or something ... )

time for last week in pictures:


the day we all fell in love. with the ipad.



the day i went to see "sex and the city 2" with a dear friend. and we smuggled in some wee little bottles of wine.


the day the kids painted birdhouses.



the day we saw our kids do nothing out of the ordinary.



the day henry's class field trip to the state capitol included going out on the roof balcony and getting up close and personal with the gold statue atop the building.


the day i took pix of twins. and my photo-taking abilities went out the window and i was most displeased with the results.


the day my youngest worked on her backstroke technique.



voila. happy weekend! we have our last track meet of the season, so fingers crossed it won't get rained out like the last one!



your pictures are beautiful :)

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