i'm going to need rehab by the time this year is over.
365/52 week 17. and 18.

no-brainer storyboards

ever since i started writing blog content for andie smith designs, i've gotten to play with many storyboard templates that she has designed to make the photography/blogging work flow so much easier and more efficient. verdict? definitely easier and more efficient. whereas posting individual photos in a post takes a minute or so for each one, and then trying to figure out how to size it so the post flows nicely, nearly always causing an apoplectic fit when words wrap strangely, i can now pop a half a dozen or more photos into one template, upload that one image, and bam: done.

this works nicely for photographers, who want to display a few images from a shoot ...

5-11 stybds-2
to the mainstream blogger who just wants to share photos from a vacation ...

5-11 stybds

or the artistic talents of their amazing offspring, while totally borrowing the idea from this etsy shop ...

5-11 stybds-3
if you think storyboard templates sound like something that might make your life a happier, less-stressful place (and truthfully ... who doesn't think that about life??), run over to andie smith designs and check out her wares!! and i hear there might be a contest coming up soon about just this sort of thing ... ;o)


lisa truesdell

oh, i'm totally loving the idea to use it for kid art! adorable!

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