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no-brainer storyboards

i'm going to need rehab by the time this year is over.

we're still 10 months from breaking ground on our dirt, but i've already planned out pretty much the entire house. i was joking with our rep the other day that the design process will likely take about four days because i'm so ready and have already thought everything through in great detail.

someone seriously needs to tell me to "walk away from the floor plans. and tile websites. and decorating blogs."

the saddest thing? of all the rooms in the house-to-be, the one i'm most obsessed with, the one that's completely planned out at this point, is ... are you ready for this? ... the mudroom.


i think it has something to do with the fact that we'll actually HAVE a place to hang coats and remove shoes and hang backpacks and keep out-of-season outerwear, etc. right now, we have the world's most useless front closet, that opens directly into a 3x5 entryway (with tile that's falling apart), that opens directly into the dining room.

it's pathetic. and so, so frustrating, especially when shoes take over and no one hangs up a coat or a bag. heaven help us when visitors come and suddenly there are MORE shoes and coats.

so, in my "marc's out of town for the week and i don't know what to do with myself once the kids are in bed" mood the past few days, i did this:

and it will go like this:

(feel free to tell me to get a life. ha ha. seriously, though ... i should.)

we're getting ready to re-tile our entryway, and i picked up some old-school-looking lino tile - you know, the 12x12 squares of flecked retro-ness - and decided i'm in love with it. plus, they are on the green building list because they are made out of natural materials. plus, they are super durable and easy to care for. and the more i thought about it, the more i realized i want to use a checkerboard of tiles that are white with little flecks of gray and gray with little flecks of darker gray in the new house's mudroom and main floor bathroom. the main color on the first floor will be white - walls, woodwork, etc., the mudroom is just off the kitchen, and the island will be topped with brushed stainless steel, and the bathroom and my studio will be that robin's egg blue "white rain" color, so how cute would the gray and white look?

the whole thing started when i saw that old wire storage rack in the sundance catalog. that got the old brain working. built-in "lockers" are not something i've wanted ... i just don't get the idea of putting wet shoes and coats in an expensive built-in. a mudroom, to me, should be utilitarian, not fancy. that wire rack personifies "utilitarian," plus i think it and the bench would be a heck of a lot cheaper than paying for the construction and painting of the lockers.

i was watching an episode of "sarah's house" one evening (i adore sarah richardson) and saw her use this ikea bench in a mudroom and i loved its lines.  plus, there is room under the bench for shoes, for those who live in my house who are unable to put shoes in the supplied shoe cubby.

and the pottery barn system already lives in my office. so, free. plus, it would be so much handier in a place where i could actually use it to track my family.

so, that's it. that's what i have been obsessing about for the past five days. ridiculous, i know, but i look at it as a proactive exercise. planning ahead ... that's never a bad thing, right?



Love all your ideas! The linloleum is super cool. I was ogling that Pottery Barn planner system before Christmas and think I just might have to have it in our new kitchen!



Kelly Rodgers

There's nothing wrong with being prepared xxx

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