365/52 week 16 (i think)
i'm going to need rehab by the time this year is over.

first, a. then, b.

a) i have a new article up on andiesmithdesigns.com. it may involve stuff like this:

and b) my college roommate's husband introduced me to my newest obsession: mumford & sons. am i the last person to know about these guys? they are perfection wrapped up in an british rock/folk/bluegrass package. i'm in love. i bought the cd within 24 hours of mike sending me a link to a song. thank you, mike. and this is my favorite:



Sue Thomas

I took just about as long to order their CD after hearing a song by them!! I love Mumford & Sons!!!!!

Mike Brooks

You're most welcome. Now I get a mention on such a famous blog? I'm finally cool! OK, not really. My current favorite is still the one I sent you initially, "Little Lion Man". Plus, it's quite easy on acoustic, so I might be biased.

Mike Brooks again

"Liar" is a very close second.


singer reminds me of Dave Matthews a bit.


Keaton and I have been huge Mumford & Sons fans for a while... he sings "Little Lion Man" in the car (well, he sings the "ahhhhh!" parts of the chorus. yes, they are amazin'


I feel very loved with that new article!

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