365/52 week 19
i've been this girl.

365/52 week 20

check it out: i'm on time!! the upside of hot, humid days during which harper and i won't set foot outdoors and all she wants to do is play with her zhu zhu pet or color.


wonder how long she'll let me do this?



reminder: my car is getting old.



our first glimpse of the new twins' stadium. it was amazing.



meet harper's new pet: inchy yoshi lime inchworm. she named it.



another nameless pretty, blooming in my yard. (i really need to remember just what it is that i plant ...)



ahh, lantana! you i *do* remember! aren't you sweet, with your little butterfly buds?



a sweet surprises awaited me when i got back from picking up harper from school: marc sent flowers. and a sweet note. guess i can dial back on the guilt trips for awhile.


. . . . .

maybe next week i'll get pix of stuff other than flowers. to whit, my youngest "graduates" from preschool on friday, and our dirt officially becomes ours. there may be pix from those little events. have a happy, happy holiday weekend!



I really, really love looking at your photos.

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